Vibehero: d'Spice @ BB Park

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 Hey yo!
Foodporn session is gonna start soon thanks again to VibeHero!

Venue: d'Spice @ BB Park

BB002, Ground Floor, BB Park, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Booking Email:

This time was at BB park again. Second time here. Hmm it was a Friday night so it's a little bit more happening here compared to the other days. Live singers singing for us while we're eating. A very nice place to hangout on weekends.
 Our tables were decorated nicely to welcome us HAHA

 trying out the effects of my new camera and I really love it! look at how vibrant the colours are! *btw I'm using ZR1000 casio*

This is the owner, Mohammad. He explained to us about all the food displayed on the table. :)

 Mix Canapes
 (smoked salmon, cheese & ham, tuna & caviar, poach prawns)
I love all these cute little finger food so much. I can just put all of them in my mouth! YUMMM.. love the salmon canape but a little bit too salty. Would love it more if it is less salty :P




 Smoked salmon salad
Honestly, I love anything with salmon. If you don't then...too bad haha. Oh ya the dressing of the salad is nice !

 Shrimp Salad
Somthing similar to the salmon salad. Just that it is topped with shrimp LOL

look at my greedy face RAWR

 Freeflow cocktails again!
The green cocktail is called Green Star. It's their house' favourite and it contains Bacardi, Pineapple, Midori & Mint leaves.

 I ordered Tequila Sunrise (which contains Tequila, Orange juice & Grenadine) which is too strong for me to handle ! Those who love Tequila can try this out!

Frozen Margarita
(Tequila, Triple-sec lime juice) This is okay for me! not too strong and you can eat it like ice cream :D

Oh ya, their Daiquri and Sangria is nice *As told by my friends* I can't really I ended having watermelon juice instead :P

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang

This dish was okay only for me. For me lahhhh... Because it was kinda cold when it is served and the keropok was not crispy anymore :( But I do love the sambal! If you are a nasi lemak lover, why not give it a try? LOL

 Lamb Shank with Biryani rice
THE PORTION IS BIG! I was almost bloated when I have this :O Lots of meat ! but the biryani rice is not flavourful emough for my taste bud .. sorry lah I love to eat intense flavour food (重口味) ma, that's why I'm fat lo :'(

 Organic Rib Eye Steak
yumm...the steak was tender enough. The side dishes was nice too. There is a mashed potato mixed with spinach which I love it alot..ohhh and the sweet corn and fried needle mushroom ! hehe

Australian Wagyu Beef Ribs

The beef rifs is served with special fries! I don't know whether it is homemade or not but they are nice! The portion for this is very big too!

Chili Bilis Pizza

READ THE NAME! it means Chili ikan bilis pizza :X very special taste which might not be accepted by everyone. It's ok for me tho. A malaysian-style pizza :)


I really do not have any space in my stomach already for the desserts. I didn't really tried them because I'm on diet :'(

Chocolate Brownies

Although I'm fat but I'm not really a big fan of chocolate T^T but I believe most of the girls love chocolate right? :D

Meet my new friend Alicia. She's also a blogger and she's so pretty right?! the dimplessss why I don't have T^T
The sweet girls Grace & Joey, bloggers too :)

 Please bear with me..Something embarrasing is gonna happen in below!
My unglam moment!
 SEE OMG like lao ah ma :'(
 Still smile till so wide ! X.X *no eyes see*
 So near somemore WALAO ! (I really never realize it when I see my pics through my camera's screen D: )
 Anyways, another great meal with a bunch of awesome people. Where you eat is not important anymore when you have great people sround you HAHA


overall rating : 6/10
Suggestions: The food can be served when it is hotter and more flavours ya HAHA

OOTN : Top from H&M, Zara inspired skorts from MUSE by Janice, Bag & shoes from Charles & Keith :)

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