Summer trip (Part 1) - Port Dickson

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 When I met you in the summer....till my heartbeat sounds...we found love... OKAY STOP
HAHAHA hello!!
So this blog post is about my holiday trip 2014 yoohooo! I remember I was at Korea last year at this time..
Bring me back to Korea :')

So we went on a road trip to Port Dickson last Monday. (first stop)

1. Lucky King Bun (Lukut Seafood Restaurant)
Address: No. 4366, Taman Aman, Lukut, 71010 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
(You can just search it on Foursquare or Waze)

We went there for the famous gigantic curry bun :) They also have seafood there but we did not try it. Just had yeah.
This is how the curry bun looks like. Can be shared among 6 people leh. So damn full. I'm not a fan of curry but I think this is quite nice. The bun is very soft! Saw many people tapao (take away) the bun.
Worth to try. RM 30 per bun

2. Avillion Resort and Spa Hotel, Port Dickson
Address: Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Finally reached our hotel :) We stayed at their beach room and it is around RM 280++ (around 300 after tax) per night. Can fit 6 person. 2 super single size bed plus one day bed! quite worth it la I think!
Love the environment of this hotel! We planned to stay at Grand Lexis at first, something happened and we ended up here!! No regrets too :) We did enjoyed HEHE
The lobby of the resort.
OTW to our room!
That's the garden view chalet on the left.
and the water chalet on the sea !
Tadah! Our beach room :)
 Not bad leh...this is the view from our room ! LOVE! I wish I could wake up to this everyday
After leaving our stuffs in our room, we rushed out immediately to take photos!
Every spot is a selfie spot! I wanna live in a resort foreverrr please
They have 2 different types of pool :)
Cynthia & me
 The first pool :)
The mini zoo in Avillion. You can even feed & bath them at every 10am :) There are bunnies, chickens, birds, peacocks & tortoise. The chicken there damn huge okay. I should bring one to KFC *joking*

The second pool :)

More selfiesss...
Group selfie ^^v

The pretty white building behind is AviSpa.
Too broke to go for spa :'( so we can only selfie with it

This peacock is seeking for our attention la. Ya you are handsome dude!

A very cute vase filled with water located in every corner for us to wash our feet :) so sweet 

 and surprisinglyyyy... I WORE BIKINI! Yes...I swam with it shy
After that we drove to another beach to enjoy the sunset :)
Took lots of jump shot! more in Jason's camera
The view is just so magnificent! I wanna go back now :')

3. Weng Yin Seafood Village
Address: Lot 4132, Batu 9.5, Jalan Pantai, 71050 Port Dickson, Malaysia.

While searching places for dinner, we googled online for suggestions and we saw this. Many people recommended this restaurant so we went to give it a try.
Sweet potato leaves
O jian (I prefer Kuching's o jian) *Fried egg with oyster*
Pork stew with salted fish
Sweet and sour crab!

Our total bill is only around 80+ for 6 person leh! including drinks some more!
quite okay right?

Hope you enjoy reading,
stay tuned for Part 2 ! :)


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