Jibby & Co. @ Empire,Subang

1:37 PM

 Hello Janicekbaby is back.
Gonna blog about this awesome place called Jibby & Co. (Just beside Empire mall,Subang)
Went there last week, just before I head back Kuching. Yeah there'll be tons of #throwback post soon :P

Do you ever wonder why it's Jibby & Co not Nibby, Bibby, Hibby or Gibby? lame.
Because Najib Abdul Rahman is their co-founder. Yes. Yeah. I know. Erhuhhh. Okay.
BUT NO! This Najib is not the Najib Razak that you're thinking of HAHAHAHA

 It's a brunch date with my girls, Yoke Lin & Cynthia :) They look so natural and happy here and they look extra happier in yellow :D (yellow = minions = smiley face = HAPPY) LOL
 We sat on the second floor so this is how the place looks like :) Very nice right? The most ravishing restaurant around Subang! The lighting is BEST for selfies !
 Needed some coffee to boost myself up before heading to the airport *BTW I don't know how grateful and happy I am that day because Yoke sent me to airport instead of me taking the cab alone :') IHaveSomeIssuesInSittingAloneInATaxi THANK YOU THANK YOU THA...... (X infinity) :P
 Look how tiny my macchiato is :'D It costs RM9. I should've ordered mocha or latte.
Jibby Big Breakfast ( RM 31 )
 Best Big Breakfast afterall.. But..the price lagi "BEST" :'D very big portion...but still.. nevermind. We should indulge ourselves once in a while.
Jibby's Platter ( RM 32 )
Who comes here for asian food?! My weird friend Cynthia. But everything is nicely done, even the fragrance of the rice is nice !

 The Hangover ( RM 29 )
They make perfect eggs. This dish is okay only. In short, it's only fries + sausages + bacons + eggs. The End.
 Soft Shell Crab Burger on Brioche ( RM 32 )
VERY BIG PORTION. They generously give a big piece of crab but you pay for it too la HAHA. Anyways, I personally think that the soft shell crab is a bit too oily, which it's supposed to be..but..I get more health consious when I grew older. GUYS will love it !
 "Come for the food, Stay for the coffee"
For me, I'll come back because of the ambience. Only allowed to come once in awhile :'( I spent RM 45 that day for a coffee and a main course. Which I can use to buy groceries for a week!!! HASHTAG #BrokeJaniceisBROKE #AuntyJaniceTalking

I think you'll love this place as much as I do too :)
Jibby & Co
GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5613-7070


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