What came into my life

2:24 PM

So in this blog post, I'm gonna talk about the reason I got lost recently.

I think a part of growing up is when you learned how to keep some personal space for yourself away from the social media. It's not like I've totally abandon it but I reduced those silly actions by sharing my feelings on social media which makes me look like an attention seeking bitxh tbh (I always feel like punching myself when those memories on Facebook pops out) Some might think that this is what normal people does but for a social media freak like me, it seems to be quite tough. I think that most of us who are attached to social media are just looking for people on those platform to see whether anyone cares about us (by giving likes LOL) but you'll eventually realize that it's more important to have real people who really cares to be around you.

So what came into my life all these while?

1. A Career

YES. After trying sooooo manyyyyy interviews, I've managed to get myself a job. WISH ME LUCK PLEASE. I am so depressed previously that I've thought of giving up. The real test in life is coming soon. I hope that I am able to handle it OMGGGG

2. Love

After 2 years of staying single, I met someone. Someone who's finally not a jerk. Someone who really cares. Someone who motivates me through my shittiest moment of my life. Someone who I think it's worth fighting for. Someone that gave me butterflies in my heart no matter how many times I met him. Someone who I feel secure with. Someone who makes me smile when I see his smile.
I am really glad that he came along. He's that someone who taught me how to be a better person.

3. Ideas

Throughout my job searching journey, it kinda inspires me to be better or to be SOMEONE. The society won't judge you by what hardship you've been through. Only success will be recognized, failures will be mocked. This eventually gave me a few business idea that I hope I'll work on within these few years. Fingers crossed. Make sure you support me when it comes true ok? :p

4. Saving Plans

I wonder how I could spend so much during my uni life. I really salute those who work hard and smart to make tons of money. GIVE ME SOME TIPS YO. I'm learning how to buy my first property, how to buy my first car etc. All these are making me regret of spending so much back in those days. I'm really grateful of what my parents did for me but now I'm on my own NOOOO... It's not easy. but since my parents can do it, I believe I can too :)

5. Myself

Learn how to be alone. Give yourself some ME time. Nobody can love you more than yourself. Don't be too negative about life. Appreciate life. Do something meaningful each and everyday. If you see me going out alone, please don't feel sad for me! BTW going to club is really not my thing anymore. I know I know, Janice used to be a party queen. Opps. No more. I'll rather spend time with my bae ;p

That's all for now. I hope everyone's doing well in life.

Signing off with love,
good luck everyone


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