How I survive in KL

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HELLO EVERYONE. Today I'm gonna talk about HOW DID I SURVIVE IN KL for 5 years, as a student (used to) /working adult (now) What I mean about survive here is...if you're a friend of mine, you would know that JANICE CANT DRIVE. yah. It's quite troublesome sometimes. 


Thanks to the invention of mobile apps and the technology nowadays... I MANAGED TO SURVIVE from all these hassle. YAY

I know there's many website and app out there but I'm gonna talk about those I've tried and use frequently :)


Thank whoeverthatcreatedthis THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE
I think this is very useful for everyone. When I start working I realized that I don't even have time to shop for groceries sometimes so Tesco online is here to help! I always book slots after my working hours and they only charged me RM3 for the delivery fee. 

Even cheaper than parking and petrol fees lo! If you wanna buy in bulk this would be a smart choice too as they will send it to your house and you don't need to carry it by yourself!

You can even buy meat from here. The best part is when they deliver, the truck comes with a frozen section so the meat will still be fresh af when it reaches your place LOL

 Shampoos, detergents are usually heavy so I would say that this is GREAT! (psss: they always have promotions going on so you can constantly check on their website like what aunty Janice does HAHA)
Their delivery man is always so friendly tho. Don't know whether I'm lucky or they hired all friendly people to work for them HAHA

Before you pay you can actually check on your items and refund those you wanna reject. When I see vege which is not that fresh I normally don't take it of an like that :P

BTW They don't accept cash. (for safety purpose, in case the driver got rob) So make sure you have a debit/credit card ya 


TBH I think this website is a lil bit too pricey for my liking for delivery food as there's normally a min order of RM15 required and a RM5 delivery fee would be charged. I might as well order McDonald or KFC righttt
but it still can save my life when I crave for certain stuffs in their listed restaurant (ex: Nandos, Din Tai Fung, Sushi King etc...) and most importantly...when I'm feeling RICH lol


SUBANG PEOPLE!!! I recommend this ba. RM1 delivery fee and NO minimum order but of choices. Still good enough anyways. Check on their website for other coverage areas for delivery


After moving to Cheras, I discovered this new food delivery website. They serves mainly customers in the city and cheras area. 

not much choices but it's better than eating fast food

My first order and I think I'll be their regular soon :P

5. SWORKIT mobile app

not sure whether it's only available in Apple store or available on Andriod too. iPhone user here. You can check tho

So this app is for people who said they have no time for gym, too broke for gym


Remember to work out at least twice a week ok!!! Stay healthy! I love how it gives directions on the moves of ur workout

no one don't know this and also the most important app that keep me alive all these while.

If you're new to Uber, get a free ride worth RM 30 off my applying this code "JANICEFREERIDE" upon registration. It'll end in the end of 2016 so use it while you can :P

Do tell me if you know anymore app that would save my life k :')
I hope it'll save yours too


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