Short trip to Singapore :)

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Harrow ! 
Last week I went to Singapore again :)
 Went to Bugis on the first day and this is my ootd. okay I got fatter I know :( fml lehh so hard to lose weights. How I wish I'm one of those girls who keep on complaining "why so hard to get fat?" seriously. F U.
 Camwhored in front of Lasalle college. In love with the design of their school. So nice omg. How I wish lakeside can become like that HAHA so artistic!
 The main reason of this trip is actually to go and visit the zoo. YES ZOO. I'm a kid. LOL

 I've always wanted to visit the zoo here. I don't know why Malaysia don't have really nice zoo lah :( Therefore I went to Singapore zoo to visit giraffes, pandas, polar bear...and all the animals that I have not seen before in real life :D
 I'm finally in the zoo ! So excited :)
 I took too many photos and I think I'll just post the interesting ones :)
 My first time meeting a white tiger ! So cute la like my dog hahaha. THIS is the white tiger that ate the zoo keeper !!! OMG why are tiger so scary. Why can't they be friendly & tame like dog?! I remember when I was 4 yrs old, I cried so badly when I saw a tiger :O
 lots of interesting creatures you can see there.
 EVEN KANGAROOS !! I cannot believe that I can see a kangaroo in Singapore not Australia HAHA
 I wanna feed them..but they charge 5 sgd for feeding so nahhh...Kangaroos are too cute to be true !!!

 Then we went to see the elephant show. The elephants are so clever but I am curious about how they train the elephants. Do they get beaten up? I hope not :X

 Next performance at the amphitheater !  

 Even the ducks can listen to instructions WTF I cannot believe!

 orang utan can be seen climbing everywhere 
 Saw this giant turtle which I think it's quite creepy OMG walk so slow and the eyes open widely staring at you :O
 0.000001 mm close to crocodiles :X
 Disgusting snakes ! I actually took a picture with huge snakes you know !!! I regret a lot for not buying that pic. 25 sgd leh so expensive :( So stupid la me I should have just take a picture of my picture on the monitor 
 This is also my first time seeing a lion. Also so cute lehhh! I wanna hug it! (if he doesn't bite)
 Giraffes! Okay I'm quite sakai. -.- This is also my first time seeing giraffes
 Their skin is so nice...why can't we ride a giraffe? HAHAHA (I think if I ride on them, they'll break & die)
 My first time seeing a real rhino 
 My first time seeing penguins OMG VERY CUTE YOU KNOW
 guess what...
 They even have Polar bear in Singapore Zoo ! 
 I am curious. Why polar bear and penguins can swim under the sun?? Can someone pls answer me?

 After visiting Singapore Zoo, I went to River Safari!

 More to aquatic species can be seen inside River Safari
 A sad stingray HAHA I saw a lot of smiley face stingray but I don't why this stingray looks sad LOL

 Headed over Panda Mama Restaurant for lunch. I've been anticipating for my visit here because of their famous panda pau!
 Jia Jia & Kai Kai's photos everywhere
 Our cute meal which costs around 40 sgd. (around RM100 omg) 
 Ordered the red bean filling & chocolate filling panda paus. Surprisingly they don't only look good. They tasted amazingly good too! The bun was soft and the filling was not too sweet ! I like :3 (it costs 2.90 sgd each) almost RM 8 already ok :O

 Amazon river quest. I DO NOT recommend you to sit this. waste your time :X
 Nothing interesting. bird poop so smelly.

 This funny looking creature here is so cute ! Can I bring it home? :D

 PANDASSS! my first time seeing pandas too ! They're so fat & squishy & fluffy! 

 Underwater world.

 Gave a lot of my FIRST TIMES to Singapore zoo :) You should really visit here if you love animals! I hope it can be well maintained so the future generations will got the chance to take a look of these animals!
 Ended my Zoo trip with a Ben & Jerry's banana ice cream ! YUM so nutty. I want more :)
I enjoyed a lot during this trip. Thanks B. Singapore is love! 

Thanks for reading,

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