Suzie Wong @ Wisma Lim Foo Yong

10:27 AM

 Hello everyone! I'm so excited to share this with you guys...

I think I've found my favourite bar in KL! It's SUZIE WONG!! I've seen lots of people checking in this place recently so I've decided to go and check it out. It did not disappoint me! In fact I think I'll be there more often when I wanna chill.
The entrance of Suzie Wong. It is located at the ground floor of Wisma Lim Foo Yong. Looks like a old school noodle stall ;) mysterious ya~

I think they're selling some noodles outside(har mee or hor fun I guess) by the smell I remembered..Will definitely give it a try on my next visit!

So once you get in, you'll see some pretty ladies dressed in cheong sam dangling around on the swing. This area would be more quiet and it is suitable for conversations.

Their stage

 The most happening area would be the main stage and the bar area. Jazz music or performance will be performed here. If you enjoy music, this is definitely the place you would wanna visit!

The bar

They have plenty selection of cocktails and we managed to try 5 of it. It cost about RM44++ - RM56++ for a cocktail. I recommend The Flower Power (not sure whether I got the name right HAHA) was too tipsy to remember the names :P

Take a look at the presentation of the cocktails 

So after some chill out jazz music, their dj will heat up the night by playing some tunes that'll make you feel like hitting the dance floor after a few shots of alcohol. LOL Maybe I haven't been to the club for a very long time... I think the dj here is quite good tho. Come and experience it yourself!

GUYSSS this would be your favourite part! Dance performance by Suzie Wong's sexy dancers! They'll make interaction with the crowd too! So if you're daring enough, you could even dance with them ;)

Glamorous toilet ya.

Couldn't resist to take a few shots hehe

Words can't describe how amazing this place is. You would need to check this place out by yourself to experience it. Tell me what you think about it then! (Reservation is recommended as it's quite packed nowadays)

Address: Wisma Lim Foo Yong, Jalan Tengah 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hope you guys enjoy,

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