Avicii live in Malaysia @ Sepang ! #WeLoveAsia

9:22 AM

"Are you going to Avicii?" "Eh you bought Avicii ticket already or not?" "Walao how can you not go to Avicii!" "You know Avicii coming soon?" ...etc etc
This is the hotest topic on campus recently.
My answer is... I wanna go leh...wanna go lehhh...
haih..that's why I'm here ! Trying my luck to win Avicii's ticket!
Reasons why I should win this:
  1. I'm a girl from Kuching and we never had DJ rave party before soooo I have NEVER been to a rave party before...NEVER EVER.. how can my life be so sad right :'(
  2. I cannot afford it. I'm a poor broke student, that's why I'm starting my business called "MUSE by Janice" (Somemore they are mostly sold out now)
  3. I wanna see Avicii in real life!
  4. I wanna feel the music, the bass, the crowd...EVERYTHING...LIVE !
  5. I want to keep my uni life interesting ! :D This will definitely be an unforgettable experience for me
So yeah, Who is Avicii? His real name is Tim Berg. OKAY some of you might not be familiar with his name but you will definitely know his song. I can confirm ! He is a Swedish DJ
His popular songs remix are like 'Wake Me Up', 'Levels', 'Bromance'..
Besides Avicii, on that event day itself there will also be other performers like:
Martin Garrix *He's only 17 :O*
...And also some local artists...
Avicii Live in Malaysia
Time: 5.00 pm
Date: 30th November 2013
Venue: Sepang Welcome Centre, Malaysia
Wake Me Up
For more info, go to www.weloveasia.com

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