Janice' Kitchen #1 "now everyone can cook!"

9:42 AM

Hello my lovely readers ^^
So ya let me ask you all a question...

Do you guys know how to cook?

If Yes, I'm starting a new blog series here to give you some tips on how to cook an easy meal. Great for students like you and me :) You guys might see that I always eat nice and yummy food on Instagram right? but...I tend to save money on my meals during weekdays :') #BudgetJaniceTalking hahaha


hmm..A lot of people think that I don't know how to cook by the way I look O.o YOU ARE SO WRONG. I cook and eat and sleep and repeat! that's why...look at me look at me! :( HAHAHA

You will be so blessed to be my friend because I like to feed people..with some of my random food creations! xD

So..I'm gonna start off my first blogpost with something that doesn't require you to cook at all NO COOKING AT ALL OK :P

I shall start...

 First of all, prepare some babyhead lettuce. I personally love babyhead lettuce a lot. I can just eat this with anthing. Sometimes I just eat it with tuna YUM!
Next, cook some eggs. Fried or boil up to you :) Egg contains lots of protein and it's good for us! EAT MORE

 So Vivian randomly bought some buy 1 free 1 nuggets from Wendy's and that's why I decided to eat it like that to balance out the unhealthiness HAHAHA You can substitute it with any meat you like but TRUST ME, it is nice this way. McD nugget even better I think :P
 Cheese makes everything nicer right *only applicable to cheese lovers* HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT LOVE CHEESE?! It has lots of calcium too oh, eat more lahhh hahaha
 Dijonnaise Mustard. Something like honey mustard which my mum bought from Melb. I think you can buy it in Malaysia too. If not, you can just substitute it with dressings that you like :) This is my first time trying out this sause and surprisingly I LOVE IT!
Take a little bit of each ingredient and wrap them up like how you eat during Korean BBQ :)

Put em' all in your mouth and eat it !!!

YUMMYYYY ! taste like BURGER! NO JOKE! just without the bread la. Since I never like the bread of burger so much, this is the kind of meal that I love!
If you did try my way of eating nuggets, do comment and let me know whether you love it or not :)
OR maybe you have a better way of eating them, do let me know ! :D
Have fun,

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