Hermo: Janice' Christmas Wish List!

4:46 AM

Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the wayyyyy~~~

Christmas is just 28 days away! Less than a month. You might think that's still a long way to go...
but NO!
Time flies. As we can see all the Christmas deco has already been up in shopping malls, streets etc...
I am feeling so excited right now for Christmas. I don't know why. I STILL HAVE TO EMPHASIZE THAT Christmas day is actually to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ so if you're a Christian, don't forget to go to the church ya :P *I hope I can make it to church this time*

So I went through Hermo.com.my and I saw that they are collaborating with The Butterfly Project Malaysia for a giveaway ! YAY SANTA !

I'm trying my luck here and see whether Santa hears my prayer :P

What I choose for my wishlist is THIS!

Laniege Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack!

You can view the product here http://www.hermo.my/mall/19-laneige-multiberry-yogurt-repair-pack-80ml ! It looks so cute as it has a pink packaging AWW I can never say no to pink. BTW, you can save RM 20 if you purchase in Hermo ! What a great deal :)

But...I'm still out of budget right now #PoorUniKidSays hahaah
My skin ..so bad right? I need some help!!! (cannot see clearly hear but I have lots of scars and big pores on my face :< )
 OMG my face without makeup on...so yellowish, saggy and pale. I need them to be tighter, fuller and pinkier HAHA

The reasons why I choose the Laniege multiberry yogurt repair pack:
  • It nourishes skin from deep inside and leaves skin supple
  • It promotes collagen synthesis and enhances defence ability of skin from harmful external and make the skin firmer
  • It soften and clear micro size dead skin so our skin will be smoother
OMG EVERYTHING I NEED. #WANT! I saw reviews for this product and everyone mention about how nice the smell is ...I wanna know how it smells like !

Hermo.com.my is currently having a CHRISTMAS PROMOTION, great sale now so don't miss the chance babes! For guys, you can also buy for your girlfriends, secret admire, mother, aunty, sister etc right? Visit their page for more info!

Wish me luck,


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