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Welcome to my blog :) Firstly, I would like to thank you all for reading my blog as you are the reason why I am still writing here. Next, I'm very thankful to be part of which allow me to attend all the great events and to try out different kind of food :D
Venue: Ciccio Pasticcio
Address: 15, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: DAILY, 5pm - 12am (kitchen close at 10.30pm, except the pizza)
You can also visit to have a look at their menu! :)
Ciccio is one of the oldest Italian restaurant at the heart of Bukit Bintang, Changkat street.They are famous for their handmade and the wood-fired pizza! The menu bears onlythe best if Italy's authentic dishes.

So I visited Ciccio with the VibeHero team and this was my second time in Changkat. Love that it is always so happening here as it is always full with foreigners.
Situated within a converted shophouse, the decor of exposed brick walls provides a rustic contrast to the splash of red, orange and timber tones, which length warm and comfort to the place.
They have a classy interior with high wooden tables and a well stocked contemporary bar. Also, they have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and they have wine shipped directly from Italy too !
Definitely a great place to chill and catch up with your friends.
 The stone oven which they used to bake the pizza. The pizza is really handmade as you can see the process of them making your pizza!
 They will serve you some bread before you have your meal. LOVE THE BREAD!
 It might look just like a normal bread in this picture but the bread served in Ciccio is crunchy outside and soft inside OMG *i think they made this bread too* Dip the fresh bread with some vineger and olive oil YUMMS!
 Affettato di porchette
Slice of roasted pork with rocket salad and button mushrooms
I love salads ! especially rocket salad as it has this nutty kind of taste. The sliced roasted pork is nice too. The combination of this salad is just perfect, it has everything I love in it. When I was a young fat kid, I always think that "Why people even eat salad? Will they get full?" OMG that's why I was never thin when I was young HAHA but now I really enjoy eating salad :D
 Pizza Diavola
tomato, mozzarella, spicy Napoli salami, chili
We usually call this pepperoni right? But this is a little bit spicy. The pizza in Ciccio is yummy as you can feel the difference from the pizza that you used to had from the fast food restaurant. It is this and crunchy and you will never get enough of it.
 Pizza Prosciutto e funghi
tomato, mazzarella, cotto ham & mushrooms
I love this pizza. Ham + Mushrooms = mouthgasm! LOL Do you guys know that I'm a mushroom lover? :P *just sayin'*
 Linguine al branzino
Seabass, red chicory, garlic, a touch of chili and white wine sauce
FISH FISH FISH! I love fish more than meat so this linguine is definitely my kind of dish. But I would prefer it to be a lil bit saltier :P The hint of herbs just enhance the whole flavours of this dish and I can tell you that I'm the one who actually finish this dish :X
 Feattuccine al ragu' di cinghiale
Wild boar ragout with home-made sauce
Wild boar :X not my type of dish as I cannot take the taste of wild boar. It's like some people cannot take the taste of lamb. But my friend love it tho. Maybe you can try and tell me whether you like it or not? :)
 Filetto di maiale
Pan-fried pork loin wrapped with pancetta, with mash potatoes and cherry sauce
OOHHH this is good. I have phobia with cherries but this dish proves me wrong. The pork is tender enuf and can already beat a steak I swear :P The mash potato is really mashed and the texture is smoother than ice cream ^^ plus the sauce which make everything perfect! I will come back for this :)
Sicilian style ice cream cake with candied fruits, sponge cake, almonds and Galliano liquor
First taste in my mouth was weird but then it gets better n better and I finished the whole slice :X not too sweet that's why I like it :) Love the fact that even the strawberries by the side is good too!
 Just me trying to take a pic with the VibeHeros but no people layan except Vivian HAHA
*no la they did not even know I'm camwhoring*
 Lucky, Kim, Vivian n Me :)
 Jamie & Juliana (top), Kim, Vivian n Me (bottom)
The manager of Ciccio restaurant :) He's been in Malaysia for 15 years ! WOW
 Kim, My first friend who's a French. He's going back to Paris soon :( so we had a farewell with him after the dinner
Thanks to my camera which allows low light shooting mode as the lighting of the place is really dimmer than what you see in my pictures.
Overall rating: 9.5/10
Everything is nice there but I took of the 0.5 points for the lighting HAHA sorry please forgive me as a vain camwhorer. I need better lighting for nicer pictures :P
 21 bar at Changkat. Love the bubbling water thing there hahaha
So we went on Thursday,which is also a Ladies night so we have freeflow cocktails YAYYY
Blurry shot of Juliana and me. Posers xD
The girls!
Then, we think that the music there was too dull for Ladies night so we headed off to explore other clubs and bars in Changkat.
 We went to check out the rooftop of Nagaba. It is pretty cute place but too hot so we went down to the air conditioned area (we so macam macam kan haha)
But still need to take a picture of myself before leaving. Vain level: Asian.
 The ladies were not satisfied again. We think that we should have more fun on Ladies night, need to BOOM BOOM SHAKE SHAKE and shake all the calories we ate just now. So, we moved on to Movida while some of the guys chilled at Nagaba.
 We had free vodka sprite for Ladies night :D
and we danced till the club closed hahahaha
 My ootd: Aztec shirt from Forever 21, Chiffon outer layer from Cotton On, Shorts from H&M, Bag from P, and Shoes from Charles & Keith
Hope you all enjoy reading !
Vi amo tutti,
 (I love you all)

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