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Okay this will be a very random post about my bad habits, what I like or dislike etc.
Hi, I'm Janice, the owner of this blog LOL
My bad habits
  • I am selfish and stubborn. (somehow) I cannot accept ppl snatching my stuffs, my friends, my properties etc. I will feel that they did not respect me and I will feel really beh shiok (unconfortable) about it. I think I cannot let people change me because I am who I am ;O
  • Pride. I care too much about my ''face 面子''. You can make me 'lose face' in front of people. I don like people to look down on me. Maybe is the way I've been brought up. You can also say that I'm an attention seeker which is quite true. You can say that I'm hao lien because I rather be hao lien than bo lien HAHAHA
  • Straight Forward. I don't know how to hide my feelings. When I'm sad, I'm sad. When I'm angry, I'm angry. I will make it very obvious for you to know so you won't need to spend time guessing here and there. When I said I dislike something, I really don't like it.'re my not-so-close friend. I will just say ''uhhhh...ok lah'' which I don't really mean it HAHA
  • Insecure. I am a person who tends to think to much. I cannot walk alone in shopping malls because I always think that people might think that I don't have friend or I'm a loner *which I really am*fml. I don't like people starring at me because I always think that they're thinking "WALAO why this girl so fat and ugly one she wear till like that, very pretty meh?" :(
  • Curious. The more you hide, the more I dig it out. #tookepo
  • Slacker. I am kinda lazy I can say BUT I won't be lazy in stuffs that I like. Even though I slack, I still can confirm that I'll make something out at the end of the day, I'm a lil bit kiasu too okay. LOL
  • Care too much. Which is also my weaknesses. I care n help people but I tend to forget about myself. End up people always think that I'm bad, unreasonable...etc shit!
OMG so many bad habits leh...Everything about me is bad isit? :( Anyway, there's still something good about me :D
  • Animal lover. Very true. I cry everytime I watch movies related to animals especially dogs rather than those love movies hahaha. Don't let me see you treat your pet in a bad way or I'll treat you the same way you treated them. YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO TREAT THEM LIKE YOUR FAMILY or else just give them to someone who deserves it.
  • NOT selfish. WTF? I'm selfish n not selfish wth is this hahaah. In some cases like, you're too broke to eat or etc, I won't let you see me eat alone la. I'll just chia you makan or let you eat together with me if I'm broke.
  • FUN. This is like praising myself I feel so paiseh. Anywayssss, yea if you wanna have fun, don't mind contacting me. I'm damn ONZ one. You can just buy me a flight ticket and I can pack and go the next day #truestory.
  • I CAN COOK. Don't see my face like that ah, I can cook nice food heh heh. Nice or not you can try lah if got chance. I love cooking for people so you can just invite me to your house and cook LOL. #ThisIsWhyImFat
  • Caring. I do care for the people I care. I love giving presents to people :D *this only applicable when I'm not broke*
  • Open minded. I'm not sensitive to any topic that people might think is unappropriate. I don't mind people sharing their thoughts to me, vice versa.
Anymore good things about me? :( I'll let you guys judge ya...I really don't know because not everyone have the same perspective and something good to me might not be good to you.
10 facts about me
  1. I love pink A LOT but I don't wear pink stuffs.
  2. I love my dogs alot, Cuppy & Teddy, and I miss them right now :'(
  3. I have a 3 years plus long distance relationship and my mum doesn't approve him.
  4. I cry a lot because I don't know why. LOL
  5. I don't have many friends that I can really talk to. You can probably list down a few of them  Lucas, Vivienne, Vivian, Jason, Chiangz...and..idk
  6. I am a big fan of Jane Chuck because she's naturally pretty. Most of things she like are quite similar to mine. I'm just a fan girl :(
  7. I am fat. I'm never skinny before in my entire life. No one ever say that I'm slim even myself :( I blame myself for that. I really never care about what I eat when I'm young. At least now, I do care about myself and I'm really trying to lose weight ;')
  8. I hate myself before. I always blame myself and I think that my reputation is never good in high school. Too dumb to realize at that time. I regret.
  9. I love to play. That's why you see me attending events etc. My QS course is too boring and dull for me so I need to balance it out but this doesn't mean I don't study ok? Don't judge me if you don't really know me.
  10. I think my brain is older than my age. Friends at my age might think that I'm realistic and weird but...maybe I should let them grow themselves. Trying to tell people to much about life makes me someone bad if you can't accept what I'm trying to tell you. If I got the chance to choose and live again, I choose to be innocent and childish so I can live with lesser stress.
YAYYY I think that sums up everything about me. Knowing so much bad stuffs about me would you still be my friend? :')
Random people n stuffs that I care :)





Till then,

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