WOW Photobooth X AIESEC 45th Anniversary #AIESECMY45

11:36 AM

Hello readers,
So here's my quick update about what I did on 8th of November...OMG 10 days ago..time flies !
I'm actually quite glad and proud of myself HAHA
So the event was held at Concorde Hotel, KL. It is an AIESEC's 45th anniversary event. I already quited AIESEC but I just wanted to help out in the decoration stuffs so I became part of the organizing commitee too :)
 What I do is to decide everything you see here ..The colours, decos, flowers etc. I've done a pretty good job right? :D

 Wearing my Victoria's bodycon dress from MUSE by Janice
 My awesome team :)

 Yeah I know I'm vain. I took back a bunch of flowers back home after the event *like what aunties usually do* but I'm just trying to make full use of it since they would have been thrown away if I did not brought them home :')
 I can never get bored of receiving flowers. Why u no give me flowers? haha kidding
The event was WOWsome because of WOW Photobooth. Glad to have them there. It is a premium photobooth company for all kinds of event. Their service was superb!
See the greedy Janice at work. Making full use of the unlimited photo sessions :D
Love the quality of their photos. They really put effort in designing it and the props they provide are also quite cute! A + point for the photo :)

Just sign up for their package and you can enjoy unlimited photo taking session for few hours! This is for you to keep it as a memory for your special day !
till then,

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