Prom Night @ Empire Hotel

1:34 AM

First of all I wanna wish you guys MERRY CHRISTMAS ! No Christmas for me as I'm left alone in my room. Ya. So sad I know :'( No one even cares.

Anyway... This is a post about my first prom night ever. FIRST LO hahaha. There's no prom in my high school T____T
I don't even know what I should wear so I chose the safest one...A black dress. Oh ya this is a masquerade themed prom dinner so the mask I'm holding it is mine :)
When I walked into the ballroom, I realized that I was sooooo under dressed. Really #fml moment. Even my friends hired makeup artist to their house and style them up and I was like pffttt...Should try harder next time!

Our dinner is held in the Emperor ballroom @ Empire hotel. Kinda like the design of the ballroom. Very modern and cool lah

Camwhored a lil before entering the ballroom :P

Food of the night: 
Cold Platter - Empire fire and ice hors d' ocuvres
Braised seafood dry scallop and bamboo pith soup
Roasted Chicken
Steamed red mullet "Teo Chew" style
Wok baked tiger prawns with butter cream

*and I actually forgot to take a picture of the braised mushroom beancurd with fresh vegetable & fried rice with diced chicken and anchovies LOL* 

Here comes the desserts:
Corn cream bun (I love this ! Not very sweet yet very nice YUMSS)
Red bean cream with glutinous dumplings (I guess this is the only 'Tang Yuen" I get to eat before the tang yuen festival T___T)

And I'll just post more pictures of the night below :P

THE PROM QUEEN! Her name is Michelle and I love her dress ! I should buy a bling bling dress next time :)
Group shot of Semester peeps with Mdm Ang 
Blur pic of us with Mr. Woon *I set the wrong mode on my cam that's why so blur :'( *

duck face pose inspired by Cody :X



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