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Hello ! Welcome to this week's food review post :P Thanks again to VibeHero.
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  Venue: DV Ristorante Pizzeria
Address: 77 Jalan Setiabakti, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.
Same row as Decanter.
Tel: 03-2098-2001
As usual, We went there at 8pm to enjoy our dinner. DV is a restaurant which serves authentic Italian food. Heard that it's listed in KL's TOP 20 Italian food restaurant. The atmosphere is very warm and cozy, feels like being home. Somemore they played Christmas songs during that night accompanied with the blinking Christmas lightings hanging around the restaurant...OOHHH...feels like Christmas...HOLIDAY! (I totally forget about my finals which falls on Monday. SHIT. NOOO)
What I love about Italian restaurant is that they serves warm bread and bread sticks before we start our meal. I fell in love with the way of eating bread with olive oil and vinegar with a little hint of rosemary herb.
Our menu of the day! WOW..I'm both sad and happy to be in Vibehero. HAPPY  because I can try out so many different types oof food, SAD to be fat :') fml
 Companion of the day, Lucas. my non-biological related brother :) Glad that he's invited by VibeHero too! *we actually went shopping before heading to DV. #BrokeJaniceisBROKE*
 Selfie is a must ok! We both love the raw brick wall behind us. Nice background for selfies :P so vintage LOL
 Trying to make our nose look sharper :D
 They gave us free red wine ! How sweet. Red wines are good for women ya' all know? ^^
Okay so we start our dinner with a few different kind of starters. (Yeah starter. Trust me, they don't even look like starter at all. My tummy is already 70% full after eating those "starter".)
 Eggplant Parmigiana
It's like..bringal + cheese. Nice tho. Cheese lover will love this. Too much meat coming up later so I need some vege to balance my meal.
 Mushroom Bruschetta
My favourite bruschetta of the night ! Just for you to know, I love mushrooms...alot. I did state that in some of my blog post I think. (I do? Idk. haha)
 Tomato Bruschette
A very refreshing starter. A lil bit of sourish taste from the tomato and the hint of black pepper just makes everything PERFECTTO!
 Beef Tartare Bruschetta
I was told that this is raw beef. Is it true? I am still doubting but I don't really like this. It tasted abit raw but it doesn't look raw. WHATTTT
Lamb Meatballs In Sugo al Pomodoro
LOVE THIS! I think if you enjoy eating lamb, you'll love this.
LESSON OF THE DAY: Fyi, Italian don't eat meatballs with pasta! Only Americans does that!
Assorted Pizzas
We was not given any specific name for the pizzas so I guess I'll just describe how it taste like.
This pizza doesn't contain any meat but I love it. I think I don't really like to eat meat nowadays. Maybe because of my braces. They're so hard to chew and it always caused some crappy stuffs to be stucked within my braces. The white thingy that you see above in the pic is CHEESE ! A plus point for the pizza :D

 I am quite confirm that the meat that you can see are ham. Not bad. They gave generous amount of ham for the pizza and all the tomato sauce that you see in this blogpost are actually DV's homemade tomato sauce. Very rich and fresh tomatoes because they don't taste like the ones in bottle and cans.
 If you're sick of tomato sauce base pizza, try the white sauce ones. This plain cheese pizza taste awesome too although it only has cheese on it.
Hmm...I don't really like this pizza. Idk what those white cubes are but I just dislike them. Feels like onion but I think it's not. I never dislike onions tho O.o I think next time I should come again with my friends or my family because this time I went, the pizza was already quite cold as we took quite a long time to take pictures of them :( It will definitely be nicer when it is hot and freshly baked out from the oven.
 Spaghetti allo Scoglio
Seafood spaghetti which I'll never dislike. It is served with many types of seafood like mussels, shrimps, fish and squid :) And the tomato sauce is also DV's homemade sauce. Mussels...I cannot resist..
 Fettuccine Aglio Olio e Peperoncino
Nothing special for me. I'm never a big fan of Aglio Olio :( because so plain leh. Only carbs. #FatJaniceIsOnDiet
 Linguine al Pesto
This is my first time eating pesto pasta with POTATOES. Why potatoes? lol but I always love pesto. This is quite good for me :) Anywaysss, I miss the pesto pasta in my hometown T^T
 Braised Beef Cheek
AHHH so yummy. It's really cooked very well until the meat becomes very tender. It have mashed potatoes underneath it. Perfectly match. Taste of the sauce was flavourish enough too, yet not too salty :)
 Chicken Scaloppine with Porcini Mushrooms
I never like chicken very much BUTTTTT THIS IS SO GOOD :D The boss told us that this was made from organic chicken and the chicken is really soft and chewy (bouncy like jelly one) This is the type of chicken I like ! OMGGGG Somemore cooked with mushrooms! Tell me how to not love this?!
 Peppercorn Crusted Fillet of Tuna
The presentation of this dish looks so fine right? FISH ! I think I can probably eat this everyday. Look at the pinkish tuna! So fresh. I never know that peppercorn goes so well with tuna. Eat them together I wait for the taste of peppercorn to burst into you taste buds ! YUMMS. I ate the rocket salad with cherry tomatoes and cheese too. I found out that I really love rocket sald because they have this naturally nutty taste although it is a vege. Weirdly amazing. HAHA
 Hello to Lucas and Alex.
Ended our dinner with this dessert, Tiramisu and ice cream drizzled with coffee, I TELL YOU, This is one of the best Tiramisu that I've ever had. (The other 2 tiramisu that can compete with this is the Tiramisu at Coffea Coffee or the one at Tom's *in Kuching*) I'm not a really big fan for very sweet stuffs. All the desserts I like taste very mild but nice. The ice cream beside is drizzled with real brewed coffee! not the fake flavoured coffee ice cream. I'll definitely like it lah :P
 Happily eating our desserts.
 #OOTD wearing my new pinnafore overall from Cotton On :)
 Group Photo :)
 Joey ^^
Grace a.k.a underclassbarbie :P
That's all for today :)
Eat well people.
*It's better not to eat if you're eating something unhealthy, because it is hard to get rid of them from your body. Take care peeps*

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