Sunsilk Event @ One Utama & Signature @ The Roof

9:10 PM

I have to start getting used to write 2014 instead of  2013 already :D And I'm turning 20 real soon. DAMN, no more age that starts with 1 D':

And 2013 is my lucky month I guess. I just randomly submit a photo in Sunsilk Malaysia's FB page and GUESS WHAT?! I won an iPad Mini :O Am I lucky or what? HAHAHA

Besides that, I am also rewarded a makeover session and also a shopping spree at H&M by Sunsilk. So basically I'm pampered for the whole day AHHH

Met a new friend, Eve Ling. So cool lah the spelling of her name, not like the common Evelyn. Not mainstream 
This is Michael, who hosted this event. He brief us about our schedule and info about Sunsilk's new hair product - hair fall solution. See the three big bottles on the table there? They were given to us in our goodie bags at the end of the day *OMG I feel so blessed*
And another new friend, Vicky. Don't be amazed, she's already a mother of a 3 yrs old cute little boy! and yet she's still so thin and pretty *Kill me pls* :(

The we had our FREE lunch at Delicious HAHAHA YUMSS

After our lunch, I went over to Monsoon ID to have my makeover session

I started with my makeup first
This is my cute makeup artist :D I got a very heavy makeup that day :O Seldom wear makeup like this. A new try before 2013 ends HAAH
Then proceed to my hair makeover. This is only the PART 1 of my makeover k...later you'll know why :'D
I feel like a star! HAHAH wtf

Monsoon ID @ 1 Utama

Then I was given a H&M gift card with RM300 in it !! :X 

So we headed to H&M together to shop for our party's outfit :)


Shopping was really tiring  :') the organizer was sweet enough to include teatime session for us at Delicious too.

Time flies. After enjoying our teatime, it was almost 5pm(4.45pm) and our event starts at 5.30 :O So we had to rush all the way back to Monsoon ID to change our clothes and redo my hair :( 
My Part 2 hair makeover HAHA. The first hairstyle did not last more than 1 hour because my hair is too long and thick so the curls did not stay :(

Went to Signature @ The Roof after that to meet up with my girls!

Invited Jia Xin, Cynthia and Yoke Lin to the party too :)
And they had a hair makeover too :D

Pics above are all the food we had that night...A lot right? Super full and happy after my meal :P They provide really nice food. I should come again someday :D

 My iPad mini ! YAYYY
 OOTD of the night :)

 Love the view from The Roof. How can not take a selfie? LOL
That's basically how awesome my day was. 

Should I do a new year resolution post? HEHE Maybe I will...

ANYWAYS, I hope more people read my blog and hope you all love my blog and me too :D

Thanks to those who actually reads my blog. I really appreciate you for giving me your time, I'm so touched I can cry. Wish you all a prosperous 2014 ! YAYY


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