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Hello peeps :)
 Have you guys heard of Off The Rack Asia ? It is actually a online shopping website BUT not the mainstream ones as it sells clothes of local brands from different talented designers at a very affordable price.

GOOD QUALITY, GREAT FASHION. This is one of their tagline of their philosophy. You don't need to worry that you might purchase bad quality clothes here because you know lah.. pictures can always deceive us. I did bought a lot of low quality shirts online and I never wear them at all :'( #fml

I'm gonna share about my experience with them :) This is actually not my first experience with Off The Rack Asia but my second ! I bought a dress designed by Pearly Wong before. *maybe I should blog about it someday*
This is how detail the packaging is ! Chapalang shop where got like that one? I think very sweet la. The moment you open it you already won't feel dissapointed xD and the service is quite fast also. I received it 2 or 3 days after I made the payment because all stuffs are in ready stock :)
 I got this Sinner Panel Transparent top from Monstore
 I paired it with my skorts from MUSE by Janice and I'm ready to go !

Visit and check it out :)
Random selfie of myself showing my fat belly :'(

And now I'm gonna blog about my trip to SG. Last part lol
SO... I went to Johor Bahru on a Saturday to celebrate BB friend's baby 1st birthday. Kinda last minute as we left SG at 6 pm so I didn't get to tour around JB :(
Happy Birthday Eden ! I love his birthday cake because so yummy and I ate 2 slices of it :( shit
His pretty mum and handsome dad. :)
Hope you grow up healthily and wisely lil boy.
Kids nowadays so lucky la. He even got his first mini cooper already I dun even have one #fml HAHA

Next day, 

(which is the day before I left SG T___T)

I went to Bugis. But I'm now not excited to go Bugis street already as I can find most of the stuffs there a lower price. Malaysian Ringgit convert to SGD so not worth it lah. No wonder so many people prefer to work there now.
Went to this place called Bonchon. Located in a mall opposite Bugis street
Actually before this we went to an Indian restaurant at Little India...but ohhh yes...the fat pigs are gonna eat again. He's already counting his money HAHAHAHA I did grew a lil bit fatter after this trip :'D

WTF always on his phone playing his clash of clans. Until I have to go distract him, HELP ME TAKE PICTURES!
Then he bopien lo :P
See what he ordered. 6 freaking awesome drumstick. and YES. We each ate 3. :O We actually wanted to order the chicken wings too but they were out of stock :(
And this beef kimchi soup was awesome! I'm in love with Korean Cuisine recently.
This meal cost aroung 32++ SGD if not mistaken. Luckily he work there. If not try to convert. RM 80++ if converted wtf.
OK. Donezz. Fatssss. T_____T


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