Short trip to my favourite city! #Day 1

12:22 AM

Hello I'm back again ! From SINGAPORE !
Yes I went there for a 5 days 4 nights trip just to release my stress before finals ! YAY
Before going into the post about SG, I'm gonna introduce you guys a new place to chill in LCCT (Low cost carrier terminal) airport haha
I think it's called Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.
 I was randomly looking for a place to chill when I'm alone at the airport. Went to Starbucks, FULL. McDonalds, FULL. Oldtown, FULL. And in the end I ended up here. I was starving at that moment as I skipped dinner the night before and I have not eaten my breakfast. While scanning through the menu I spot their looks-quite-attractive waffle and without any doubt I just ordered it at the counter and he (the cashier) said "RM21.90 miss" I was like omfg so much tax? FINE. At that point of time I just hope that it will taste good. (with that kind of price LOL)
It did not dissapoint me tho. The portion is quite big and I did not even finish it. Thumbs up for the generous amount of fresh strawberries and the not-too-sweet chocolate. YUMS
 I love that they drizzled the chocolate on the ice cream so it hardens up the chocolate! Heaven :P ! The waffle was crunchy outside and soft inside. Totally my kind of waffle.
Maybe you guys can try out next time when you're too bored of waiting at LCCT? HAHA
 Selfie of the day.
First time using fake eyes lashes for the bottom eyelids. YAY or NAY? hmm
 And soon...I departed to Singaland ! wheee so excited to meet bb.
 So many times I've come to SG but this is the first time I came to observe this dancing raindrop deco #likeasakai
 Then I sat MRT all the way from Changi airport to Choa Chu Kang station to wait for bb bcs he's still working.
Time passes so slow while I'm waiting for him..
 After 4 hours he's finally here :') yay! He felt so guilty for making me waited for so long
 He brought me to a new mall at Jurong East called JEM. (Jurong East Mall) lol
 and there's this pretty rooftop for people to chill and look at the view at night.
 One thing I love about Singapore is that everywhere you go is clean and almost rubbish-free unlike Malaysia  Even public toilet smells so good! HOW CAN THIS EVEN HAPPEN? I think Singaporeans are more civilized! Definitely!
Went to watch Frozen that night.
I always love Disney movies but this is not the typical kind of Disney movies where there's prince, princess, live happily ever after. NO. haha (but I really like to watch those typical Disney movies lol) In my opinion, I think this is a funny cartoon but why no handsome guys in Frozen? T^T *minus points*
I will not reveal the story of this cartoon because I know you'll hate me if I do :P Go watch it yourself (If you haven't watch it yet)
But tell you what, I keep on saying (singing) "Do you wanna build a snowman?" after watching this HAHHAAH
HEHE, Bye :)

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