Day 2 : Trip to Singapore !

12:47 PM

I'm gonna blog about my second day in Singapore. So I basically spend most of my time in Orchard Road and MBS :)
It's so sad to be broke when I'm here. Sales everwhere but I can't afford them :') Just bought an Abercrombie & Fitch checkered blouse on that day.
 I love to be in Orchard idk why. Maybe it is always so pretty especially during Christmas! Somemore I'm waiting for the day that I can enter every branded shops and just buy whatever I want HAHA *dreaming*

 When can I own a Cartier? Someone please buy a Cartier and propose to me LOL or buy me as a gift la ok ka ok ka :P

 OKAY. A lot of pictures of myself as I have my personal photographer there so please bear with me ha~
 I'm like forcing him to take a pic with me leh :( I really jealous you if your bf is the one who keeps on asking for selfies *just sayin'*

We went to Takashimaya to look for Laduree macaroons :D
 And YAYYYY we found it!
But the sad thing is they don't have seats for you to sit down and have a tea like TWG :( Somemore it's kinda pricey compared to the normal macaroons. Around 4/5 SGD per piece (Around RM12++) :O
I always dislike macaroons because I think that they're too sweet, taste artificial or overpriced.
WALAUBAGAIMANAPUN, I will never say NO to Laduree macaroons.
It is not too sweet and I just love it till I don't know how to describe. It is crunchy yet soft. The fillings are rich and real.
 They have 19 flavours for you to choose from. I really had a hard time picking the flavours I want :3 I bought the 8 pieces macaroons in a box and it costs 38 SGD. (around RM100)

 Happy girl with my macaroons ! YUMMM
 I picked this black box because I think it looks the nicest among the 4 different designs.
 The flavours I ordered: Rose Petal, Strawberry Marshmallow, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Chocolate, Ghana Chocolate, Lemon & Pink Pepper.
Really love the Lemon, Strawberry Marshmallow and Pistachio flavour !
Least fav : Pink pepper. EWW it looks cute but it sucks. taste like pepper.
 See even a guy can't resist its cuteness xD
And we went to eat our brunch before heading to MBS and shopping

 Look how big this bowl of noodle is :O bigger than my face omg.
 This cute goldfish dimsum is awesome. It is filled with prawn and fish I think.
 See he bought so much food to feed me ! WTF man :') purposely one la...

The puffy goldfish too cute liao la ! So must selfie first before it goes into my tummy :)
 And some random fav buy of the day : M&M choc in pastel purple and pink!!!
 Then we went to walk around Orchard for pictures because the lights had just lighted up after we finished eating.

Next station: MARINA BAY SANDS :)

 And yea...he bought me a pair of Birkenstock. *on my feet* Thanks ha bb :*
 Why is there so many TWG outlet in SG? O.o I keep on seeing it and it's always packed.
 The main reason I'm here is because I wanna go to watch the show at Gardens by the Bay.
The show starts at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm
 The pretty MBS
 So pretty to take pics at night right :P

 I love my awesome camera hahaha ! Trust me, it looks better when you're there so don't forget to come if you're in Singapore :')
 Sneak peak of the show :P
 Aiyo my face sucks la because I think my face hates flash T_____T
Sorry for not describing much in this post. I'm not a good writer :'((( I should read more books
But I still hope you guys love my blog and continue reading it. Please lahh okkk :3
OHHH BTW I'm on Dayre! Follow me?
Till then,

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