Fun FUn FUN !!! =)

3:50 AM

 Early Christmas wishes to my dear readers =)
Went to The Spring mall and someone requested us to take a pic n our pic wil be hung on the christmas tree in the mall !! WOOTS =3
So cute ! we look so happy =P
 today is our 'ji mui' outing ! 
My buddy,Vivienne,picked me out ! whoo~she drive bohhh xD
 Our first destination..Fullhouse ! The food is niceeee !
the environment more nice ahhh ! HEHEHE

 My buddy..Vivi
 My fav chic chop !! wok-sear chic chop
 aww..big portion lehhh !
 Korean jeju tea...hmm..I thk this is d name if im nt mistaken xD
 see ! so nice riteeee??

 Girlfriendss =3

 Blue mini cooper ! cuteNya !
 Me n Sherlyn ^^
 YAY ! we love taking pics ^^
 After that,we went to the Spring...So CROWDED man !
grand sales going on~bopiennn!
den we went to oneJaya mall...n den HIELO again !

We love Hielo ! yummehhh ^^
Good luck JANICE KONG ! take good grades in SPM bahh 
same goes to Vivienne,Elaine,Sherlyn,Vanessa(cat exams) ...and also all of u ! GOOD LUCK


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