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4:22 AM

Padini,Seed & Vincci is having stock clearance sale up to 70% !
But I've bought most of dem before sales T^ crowded n have to queue for so damn long !
but some of dem are old u have to be an expert before goin in thr HAHA
 I hope thr's Topshop,Zara or Forever 21 in Kuching...But..none of dem exist!!..SADDD!

 SEE ! so messy.. It's like a war going on inside thr...Everyone's snatching for their things xD
 This is wad I bought~hmm...VERY CHEAP ! LOL..the green jacket is only like RM 45++,the stripes maxi singlet only 25++...LOL..the cheapest wan is tat red singlet...RM14++ if I'm not mistaken xD
 My new earringsss ! Oh yea,I'm addicted with earrings recently ^^

OHH ! Before heading to The Spring Mall,I went to ICT Fair at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) too~ Hmm...not much thg actually,but the only good thg is thr's aircond thr n the venue was quite big~

 Got this Latte Coffee from ERA FM ! Thanks ! appreciate alot bcos they gave me cold drink while the sun is so hot outside !

 CHILL-ing =D
Ahh~Haven't go to Fullhouse @ The Hills Mall yet..OPEN ALREADY !!!
Oh yea! I'm goin thr tmrw =3
I'm not feeling well recently,GOD PLEASE BLESS ME~I hope everythg's fine T^T
SPM gonna end soon ! WOHOOO!!!

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Thanksss ^^
BYE guysss~


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