Fullhouse Cafe OPENING SOON ! @The Hills,Kuching

11:08 AM

Hello readers !!!
GOOD NEWS here ! heh heh
My favourite restaurant is coming to The Hills Shopping Mall @ Kuching,Sarawak ! 
OMG ! It's a MUST for me everytime I went to KL..and now,I can visit here anytime I want !
Their interior design attracted me when I first saw it !
 FULLHOUSE Lifestyle Store and Cafe  
The design of the restaurant make us feel like being home ! bathroom,dining room,living room...etc 
 These are d pics taken by me at Sunway Pyramid's Fullhouse
their trademark Mini Cooper car is just so cute..I'm very sure that all of us will snap a pic of it automatically !
I lost the pic of myself standing beside Fullhouse' mini cooper edy T^T
It's in my old phone,which is spoiled already..SAD !
AND AND AND !!!! besides that ...
We can shop here too...I just love their clothes so so much..I remembered I've bought few clothes n a spec over thr last year...my dad even bought himself a hat ! LoL
He wanna look young ! I think everyone loves shopping rite?..
  the best thg is we can shop while waiting for our food ! BEST RIGHT?  
Too many cute stuffs la....I thk this time my pocket wil get a big big hole T^T

 The main reason why I love Fullhouse is because of the FOOD !
superb-awesome-heavenly taste ! OMG..the price is affordable too..
I'm already hungry by looking at the pics ! *slurp*

My fav pan-sear dory fish !

 These pics below are the menu for this new outlet...soooo nice~I grabbed it from their page
View their page for more info =) 
Smooties-Fruities fish
Vongole Spaghetti
Grilled New Zealand lamb chop
The fullhouse club sandwich
Grilled mix seafood

Wok-Sear chicken chop !! *this is a must!*
It's a grilled chicken thigh served with mashed potato,daily vegetable and black pepper raisin sauce ! 

Here's pic of my brother at Fullhouse...*pss..I stole it from his facebook* HAHA

 Fullhouse cafe  is surrounded with lots of cute cartoons too ~
I wonder how the Kuching outlet looks like ~CAN'T WAIT FOR IT !!
go n visit and try the food ! You shall never miss them..\
I guess kuching ppl will start hanging around or organise birthday celebrations over thr gua ~
Hope to see u guys thr ! TATA...


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  1. wow din't know that XD
    have not been kept myself close with updates of Kuching lately cz having my finals
    u're also having SPM right? Good luck gal!

  2. hehe...thanks girl =) have a nice dayyyy


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