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10:48 PM

Nuffnang asia-pacific blog awards !!
OMG OMG ! have u ever heard of that?? 
The best and most creative blog entries will win an invite each to the Blog Awards, and the chance to walk down the red carpet with the stars of the Asia-Pacific blogosphere. Don't miss out on this opportunity!
  I wanna GO ! !  

Hi nuffnangers ...
I'm Janiice Kong, a 17 year old girl from Kuching,Sarawak...
I realised that I'm the only blogger among my friends ...but I really have fun since I've started to write a blog
I snap pictures everywhere and I could capture and keep those amazing photos that I've taken...It's quite meaningful as I can view through it maybe few years later ! HAHA
When I first start on to blog,I dun even know nuffnang at all.. :O
at that moment,I dunno why bloggers are for..I thought that they are just writing on a "web-diary"?! LOL
Finally,I only get what are bloggers for when i met NUFFNANG !!!
we can share our stories to everyone and get to know more friends..Besides that,I think it also improves our writing skills ! LOL
I ever wrote about Nuffnang in my semester exam for the essay about multimedia social activities this kind of stuffs...and I've scored an A ! whee~
Nuffnang also give us the chance to earn some money by helping ppl to advertise their products in our blog !
Hmm...I'm just a beginner,not really lots of people know me yet =(
I want to have the invitation from Nuffnang so that I can get to know more ppl worldwide !
I wanna have the chance to see those famous celebrity blogger..
I want to be there also to make Kuching proud ! hehe
Hope that Nuffnang likes me *pityful-watery eyes rolling* HAHA


♥ X.O.X.O ♥

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