Jia Xin's 20th Birthday @ Kompassion

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This blog post is about Jiaxin's bday but the main point is actually about the restaurant!!
Kompassion! weird? It's actually a thai fusion restaurant la..you know when thai people talk it always sounded like Kap-Kom-Kap hahaha
I wanna introduce you all to this restaurant because I'm in love with it and I wanna share with you all!!
KOMPASSION Thai Fusion food
Address: 5 Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim,47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (right opposite uptown)
Must try ok ! Kompassion is actually by My Elephant but I think the standard here is much better! Prefer this more than fine dining!
This is how it looks inside. The interior is very classy and comfy. Well designed with lots of artistic elements.

 We actually gave JiaXin a surprise. We all arrived earlier before she came. She did not expect so many people to turn up so she was shocked :D *SUCCESS*
 Birthday Girl :)
 The candle biting ceremony HAHA
OK NOW...I'm gonna show you pictures of the food. Don't get hungry kay? :P
FYI the price of all food are below RM 30, very reasonable right? The portion is very-very-super-duper generous too! This is the reason why you should pay a visit! Our total bill is around RM 700++ for 24 pax :) we ordered desserts somemore leh!
 Their famous Nasi Campur! This is soooo good OMG. RM 28.90 for this.
Served with Tom Yam soup, roasted pork, pork satay, paku vege, coconut chicken & mango salad. Brown & white rice topped with fried egg.
Tom Yam seafood noodles. RM 15+? I know it's either 15 or 15 something la hahaha. This is YUMS

 Fettucini Seafood Pad Thai *Don't remember the price tho* but definitely cheaper than the nasi campur :)
Thai style carbonara :O It tasted like coconut milk carbonara. A very interesting taste. Doesn't taste bad la, just very new to my taste buds :D
 Pork burger. I personally love the fried potatoes they serve! The burger patty is so juicy too. Can beat those that are sold in the burger shop!!
 Sausages? IDK because I never tried this :'D
 Green curry seafood fettucini I LOVE THISSSS. I would order this during my next visit !!!
 Mango sticky rice RM 18. Very nice. Mangoes are fresh and sweet too
 Red Ruby RM10. Love how they served it with coconut ice cream instead of blended ice :D I recommend you all to try this!
Next we went to Sunway Giza for a drink :P
 Our Giant Long Island cocktail. DISLIKE ewww
 Anyway.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN JIA XIN BEEJ. You're officially 20!
Blessed you with my love :D All the best

 Here's the video of the night! ENJOY :)

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