Back to school !

11:19 AM

 Hello deariesss :)
I bet most of you have already started your classes but I'm gonna start mine tomorrow !!! OMG

What should I wear? 
Hmm...maybe something that will make me look slimmer because I gained weight. yeah fml. Have to start working out again. I think I can really gain weight by sucking in the air xD (excuses. just let me make myself feel better :'/)

What should I bring?
Probably a bag which I can stuff everything in it. Money. Yes I need money :( HOW?! I'm so broke!

 How should I be like?
I think I should play cool tomorrow HAHA or should I be friendly? I don't know why I just can really click with my current classmates. They're good people but just that we don't really share the same mindset. URGH. Anyway, I'm still hanging out with my other courses friends :P

 Will there be new classmates?
Yes please. I really hope there will be! Hot ones please! :D *praying*

 Here's my #ootd inspired by the Japanese street fashion. OK or not? :3 
 Random. Just wanna tell you all to appreciate every single person around you. You might not know when will you lose them. There's always a reason behind the way a person act. So, learn to forgive and understand. Don't do things that will make you regret and don't regret the things that you've done because each and every bit of it are your lesson and experience in life. God bless.


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