Food review : Dimsum buffet @ Nv Er Hong, Pullman Hotel

10:30 AM

Throwback to my birthday breakfast at Nv Er Hong, Pullman Hotel. Dimsum buffet yayyy! I'm always a fan of dimsum but in Kuching, you can hardly find good dimsum unlike KL :( Therefore I found this place and went to try it during my birthday. 

Operation hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm (Saturday), 10.00am - 2.30pm (Sunday & Public Holidays)
Price: RM 28+ per adult (RM 29.70 nett, drinks excluded. Free flow tea RM 3 per head)
The menu for you to choose from. You can just order whatever you want but make sure you finish it, don't waste food! I think 3 person going to the buffet is the best because most of the items come in 3 pieces :P
 I tried everything in the menu HAHAHA
 Love most of it except the vegetarian dumplings because they were too dry. The egg tarts can be improved too. The rest was good YUMM 
 You can give it a try as I think the price is quite reasonable for dimsum. I usually spend around RM 60-80 for dimsum in KL with my friends (2-3 pax). So this is quite a great deal because you can eat all you want, good for big eaters. I might look fat but I cannot eat much :( WHYDOTHISTOME 

 Brought my bro and bro from another mother along, Jason :D We all enjoyed our meal and will definitely come back again

Last but not least, DESSERTS. The pudding was a NAY for me. I don't like the taste BUT they have different desserts everyday, so just hope for a better dessert of the day when you visit them. Besides that, there's also a milky santan mango & sago dessert (which you can see in the picture above, the one in the bowl), which was okay for me. I finished it all so I guessed it doesn't taste bad :P HAHA
My food & I 

Hope you enjoy reading :) Till Then,

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