Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014 @ Putrajaya

11:25 AM

 Hello beaniesss !
Today I'm gonna blog about my experience of my first time seeing HOT AIR BALLOONS! haha *you must think that I'm crazy* I'm so excited about all my first times la hahaha wtf It's also my first time going to Putrajaya YAY
Went on the last day of the event and the weather was so damn hot. Quite crowded la I guess because everyone wanna grab the last chance of seeing those amazingly cute balloons.
Here's my #ootd :)
 Balloon makes me happy! I wish I could ride on them but the queue was so long. It's RM 20 for a 5 minute ride leh, so pricey but still so many people wanna ride oon it. I should have created my own hot air balloon HAHA
 LOOK so many peopleeee omg
 Went with them :)
 Balloons selling everywhere. I would have buy them if the balloon designs are of the shape of a hot air balloon :P Too bad.
 I got to see how a hot air balloon was lauched !
 Lots of manpower needed!
 Not easy! ALMOST THERE!
 and there it goes...

Met Brian See there :) As you can see there's a black hot air balloon behind right? It's actually Darth Vader's head. didn't get to take a picture of it :(

 More balloons!

 It's a motorcyclist balloon !
 I bought this bubble gun for RM 9 and we were happily playing around with it!

 Too exhausted after the event. Went for a walk at the famous Putrajaya bridge and have a look at the night scene over there.
It was spectacular. Thanks for bringing me along my friend.
How bout you guys? Have you seen a hot air balloon before? :)
If no, you should. Someday.
Thanks for reading,

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