Janice is 20 !!

7:50 AM

Hello my dear friends..I'm now officially 20 ! My birthday falls on 21st of February :)
I'm blessed with all my friends and family around who help me to celebrate my birthday together with me.

So the day before my actual birthday, my cousins invited me to a dinner with them and brought me to a restaurant called Elephant restaurant & bistro (located at sekama, somewhere before hock lee centre)
The food there was pretty good and cheap. I would visit it more often IF the deco of the restaurant can be improved haha. It's kind plain for a hangout session.
This is what I ordered. It's called triple cheese crust. Basically baked fish with three different kind of cheese on top. If not mistaken it is RM 14.90

Fried chicken I guess. Can't remember the specific name for the dish. Price below rm15

Grilled chicken chop with cheese. Also less than rm 15

Butter cheese fish. I know that all dishes are below RM 15 just don't remember how exactly they cost.
My cute cousins :) thank u once again 

And yesss they're twins !!

The elder sis of the twins and Chloe,which is also my cousin. A very naughty cousin haha

My first cake :')

Make a wish timeeee... I WANNA BE SLIMMER !!

Will my wish come true? We shall see...hahahaha

Greedy couzie can't wait to eat my cake huh?!

My rating for Elephant: 5.5/10 It can be improved. I love the banana smoothie there!!

Then on my actual birthday, I went out for dinner at Portico restaurant with my bunch of awesome friends. Really close friends. I don't have lots of close friend in Kuching :( very sad right? I don't really hangout with my high school friends...so yeah. Haha
Hello Sharon. Thanks for coming k! She's my really cute friend which I knew from uni. 

Sharon's roasted chicken. Price forgotten and this is yummy!

Carrie's tomyam soup. Worst tom yam that I've ever tasted. So salty and plasticky taste. I cannot even take it omfg, rm9.90 for this bowl of salt water excluding the rice hahaha (luckily I'm not the one who ordered that HAHAHAHA)

My salmon steak. RM 30. I prefer the salmon steak in The Junk. I don't know why they serve it with Thai sweet and sour sauce. X.x

Jason's chicken chop. Quite okay. But in my heart, no one can replace Alfresco's chicken chop...yet

Seafood delight pizza. RM 24 No no no. Will not come back for pizza hahahaha

My rating for Portico : 5/10 at least the environment is quite okay. 
My cute cake from My Sugar Bakes!! Cute right! 
However, it tasted okay only. A little bit too dry :( so I guess it's only meant for me to take selfies with it hahahaha. BUT THEN, My sugar bakes owner, Joanne told me that the baker made some mistakes that's why the cake is dry so she gave me some complimentary cupcakes :') Aww..good service and I don't blame them anymore. HAHA. Anyway, check out their FB page : https://www.facebook.com/mysugarbakes and see how cute their shop are. I like to have my high tea session there with my friends :3

My dear friends :3

And a complimentary dessert from Portico :)

My gifts!! So happy :)

I requested this personally from Jason haha. I buey paiseh de ho?! Btw this is from Tracync accessories. You can visit their fb page or Instagram and like my photo for me maybe? :) 

Thank you for reading 

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