2014 new year resolutions :)

11:02 AM

Happy new year peeps !!
I'm truly excited for 2014 :) what do you wish to achieve this year? Time flies. It feels like I just did a new year resolution post few days ago and now I'm writing it again.

So last year, I wished to be a better blogger. I think I did improve. Right? ;) and I'm so blessed that I've finally got sponsored by blog shops such as Off The Rack Asia, Natta Cosme & Supermodels_Secrets. Hope there's more coming k? :) thanks for all the support that you've all given me. YOU, yes YOU. Thanks for reading my blog. You can even leave a comment for me and tell me how should I improve, what should I talk about etc. I won't eat you...scold me also can la hahahah but I prefer constructive comments. 

ANYWAYS, in 2014, I Wish :

1. I can gain more readers
I think I'm not consider a well known blogger yet. If you ask me why do I seek for fame, I would say...I think things could be done a little bit easier when you have all your fans, readers supporting you. Social media plays a big role in our generation. I'm just trying to be a part of it. I only live once and I can only do it when I have this sweet time being a "teen" hahahaha

2. I can be a better person
I'm too mean...sometimes. I should learn to be kind. I hope I can get more REAL friends that I can really talk to and also to hang out with me. My lesbo friend, Vivian, is leaving to UK soon and I'm left alone here T___T

3. I can lose 10kgs
Forever in my wish list. Hahaha. I did lost some weight. Still not enough to be hot. His you Janicekbaby LOL :P

4. I can earn more pocket money 
My expenses is always a burden for my family...not only my expenses...my uni fees too. I have to work hard. I wish more people can approach me to do advert so I can earn some pocket money. I don't expect a really big amount la. Still learning and trying.

5. A good health for myself, my family, friends and YOU
Health is very important. My grandmother went for diagnosis and found out that she is infected with cologne cancer. My heart aches when I think of her going for chemotherapy which I think it really makes her suffered. Going back tomorrow to meet her. Have not seen her for months. My grandmother usually eat quite healthy stuffs but still she got this. So please, start to live with a healthier lifestyle. 

6. For more attention HAHAHA yes I wanna be an influential person (please bear with a little dream of mine) 
Eh I know I cannot compare with those pretty bloggers la. Just let me dream la k? Haha :)

7. MUSE by Janice can have more customers
Buy buy buy...shop shop shop from MUSE by Janice. Most of the clothes are rm 35 and below. I'm also selling off my second hand clothes la. As you know, I have this shopping addiction which need to be cured and my wardrobe cannot fit in more clothes anymore. If you're interested you can just pm me, I wore most of them less than 2 times.

Heh heh see you :)


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