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 How are you guys today? Welcome to my blog
Today I'm gonna blog about make up brush. I've never purchase a proper brush set for myself because the good ones are so expensive and for the cheap ones, I doubt their quality. So thanks to www.nattacosme.com for sponsoring me a brush set so I've finally know how important is the role of brushes onto our make up. "While desserts influence the end of your contented meals, cosmetic tools affect the completion of your splendor makeup. Makeup brushes aren't compulsory, yet their presence could beautifully refine and wonderfully enrich your makeup. - Natta Cosme"
I was flabbergasted when I received the package from Natta Cosme. They packed their items in a very rigid box to protect them.
There's even a surprise in it!!! A Ferrero Rocher :) So happy when I opened it la :P They really know how to pamper a girl LOL

TADAH my brush set. So light and easy to carry. Good for travelling. If you want me to judge, I would say that the only bad thing about this make up set is they do not provide a cover for the brush.

CERRO QREEN make up brush set - black (7 items) 

RM 36.90 RM 29.52 NOW!!

[ Product description ]

Natural animal brush
The brush is made with the finest and most suitable material to achieve the best results for your make up.

Natural birch wood handle
The handle of the brush tool is made with birch wood as you can obviously see the pattern of wood on it. Good quality.

Black PU pouch
The pouch is made from PU material and it stores the brush set perfectly. Easy for you to carry around and to protect your brush set.

[ Brush Material ]

Powder Brush - wool
Smudge brush - sponge
Eye shadow brush (medium) - pony hair
Eye shadow brush (large) - pony hair
Eyeliner brush - synthetic fiber
Eye shadow brush (small) - pony hair
Eye lash & brow brush - synthetic fiber

The link to purchase this product:
The price very affordable right?! I can't even buy one brush with this pric in M.A.C wtf hahahaha

Powder brush
This brush is very soft and fluffy. I like how it feels like when I brush it on my face. However, it does not pick up the blush powder really well. Just apply few more times la :P
Eye shadow brush (all sizes)
They are made of pony hair and they are really soft. I see reviews that said it sheds. This does not occur to me YET. Just hope it doesn't :)

Eyeliner brush
This is good to use on gel eyeliner. It can use to create a very nice edge.

Smudge brush
Okay I have to say that it does hurts a little when you rub it too hard on your skin HAHA Anyways, you can use it to erase off your make up errors too :) works quite well.

Eye lashes and brow brush
You know we girls always encounter mascara clotting on out eyes lashes which look very ugly and dirty right? This brush is to help you to brush them off so your eye lashes can spread nicely *flip eye lashes* ;) hahaha

Applying my blusher :3
Smudging my eye shadow for a more obvious double eyelid HEH HEH trick lai de :D
Smudge my eyebrow evenly so I won't look like Shin Chan :P
I also used the eye shadow brush to contour my nose to create a fake nose bridge T_____T

Very portable size :)
Visit www.nattacosme.com for more info! 
These brushes are available in different colours too! I actually love the pink ones :'(
Ending this post with Cuppy :P 


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