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Hello readers :) I'm back in Kuching ! 
Enjoying too much until I forget to blog :X sorry

Thank you supermodels-secrets for the Magic heatless hair curlers! My damaged hair sucks to the max. I stopped using hair tongs for quite some time already because they really made my hair dry like grass D;

Today I'm gonna show you guys how to use these amazingly cute curlers.
Curlers are 1.5" in diameter, 16" long stretched 

35cm long x 3.3cm in diameter
18 pcs per set + 1 curling wand

You can still look so stylish even when you're putting it on HAHAHAHA :X But seriously la they really look cuter than those old ah ma hair curler :P

 See I can still selfie with it :D
 They look very "high tech" to me when I first got them. I don't even know how can I use it, BUT after I mastered it, DAMN it works easily!
 First, Take the curler and the hook.
 Then slip in the hook through the curler.
 Insert a small bunch of hair through the hook. 
*I think it works best when your hair is half wet*
 Pull your hair with the hook through the curler.
 TADAH !!! So easy right?! You can just leave it on and take a nap :)
 I actually slept with it on just to show you guys how nice the curls are :D
 Ignore my double chin T____T
View the video below and look how pretty the curls are :)

 If you wonder, WHAT'S GOOD ABOUT IT?
Magic Heatless Hair Curler is EASY, FAST & SOFT to create good curls. You can even sleep with it on! It won't harm your hair as it does not require heat. Besides these, it is RECYCLABLE! You can use it for like forever after you had it, unless you lost it la :P


Discounts for my readers, mention "JANICEKBABY" upon purchase to get 10% off :)

Have fun shopping :D

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