Photo shoot by Jessie Lyee

1:32 AM

Hello everyone. 
Last few weeks I went back to KL again for shopping and also a photo shooting session by Jessie, a friend of mine that I've met during my foundation year. She's very talented and I like all the shoots she did for me. Pics below are the outcome of the photo shooting :)

Cheongsam theme 

Dreamy theme LOL

This is Jessie :) Support her and like her page :
Thank you for this chance. This is my first photo shoot as I dun have the confidence to let people take picture for me. I'm....fat. Ya. I'm trying to overcome this fear and also trying hard to lose weight so I can look fabulous in any random candid pics HAHA

27 more days to my should I celebrate it? :P

Have a nice day people !


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