CommFest 2012

11:11 AM

 Hi dear readers, I'm back !!
I know I have not been active enough :(
Give me more motivations ! show more support !! Let me earn by reading my blog ya! 
Hope Nuffnang can featured me in NuffnangX..but why would they..I'm just a NOBODY :x ouch

Bye bye to my faded pinkish hair and I'm now in violet hair xD

BUT!!! my hair has many split ends now ! SO DRY!
HOW?! any affordable treatment to do :'/
SAVE MY HAIR PLEASE~   How I wish someone would sponsor me ! Email me at if you wanna give me a free hair treatment HAHA *It's just a wish*


Have you been craved for fun and excitement? :D

Here is the solution for you to enjoy break free moments all in one stop.

Have you guys heard about CommFest (Communication Festival) ??
It is an event organised by ProPassion Communications, a Public Relations student consultancy from School of Communication, Taylor’s University 

 This year’s theme : Sociallympics“First Ever Social Media Olympics” in Malaysia. 

It will host exciting a range of activities adapted from popular social websites and social programs such as Instagram and Facebook
They are expecting an estimate of 3000 students to participate in this event. WOW !! 
Be a part of it !!

Date: 31st October 2012, Wednesday
Time: 10am – 4pm
Venue:  Level 2, Outside the Grand Hall
Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Let me show u some pics of last year's CommFest ( I Google-ed for it ) LOL

 The festival aims to expose students as well as the public, to the field of Communication through Social Media and Sports.
 Log-Off from your virtual life of social media communication and walk into CommFest2012 where social-media meet sports, which also will allow you to understand the importance to balance social media and sport for a healthier lifestyle.

Lots of interesting games and competitions will be held,such as InstaDrink, InstaCaps, InstaRace, Candy Burst, Mobisodes...etc. 
Find out more detailed information at their FB page

So what are you waiting for? See you at CommFest 2012! 
Tickets available only at RM10 for all access of activities; come have fun and sports together! 
For ticket enquiries, kindly visit to 
I'll be there ! :D

Instagram picha time :)

 Have been eating lots of food recently ARGHHH :(

 okay,too much food :(
Btw my mum is here ! YAY ^^v

TATA ! I shall sleep now ! nights :)


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