8TV ShoutOut Awards press conference @ Vertigo

8:59 AM

 8TV shout awards ! 
Thanks to Youth Jam for the VIP invitations :)
The press conference for this 8TV shout award 2012 was held at Vertigo Club @ The Gardens mall
Saw many talented local stars that I've never knew before but I feel proud to be a Malaysian because Malaysians are AWESOME!! My idol is nominated too !!! SHILA AMZAH ! AWW
She made Malaysia sooo proud ! 
I wish I can sing like her ! Long time nvr sing K edy. Should sing more in Kuching. YAY I'm goin back soon. This coming November. I really miss my home. More than what you can imagine :'(

So I shall sleep earlier. feel like banging my head on the wall.
Shall update my blog first :3

I reached there around 4pm for the preparation. Called Vivian, Julia and Ryan to come along ! 
Julia n Vivian :D
Love the colours n lighting of the stage :) 

 The host of the night were both soooo HOT ! Adam n Julie from 8tv !
I wish I have her body HOT DIEEE !!!

 le me with my awesome gang :D
Youth Jam VIPs :D 
I know I have a Canon 60D but I really donno how to set the settings or wadever lah ! FAIL man !! :(
 Fav pic of the night :D
I'm having headache now ! :(
 Let the pictures talk HAHA
Pictures of me with local artists !!!

Picture grabbed from everywhere ! LOL :P 
the quality...errr...sorry :X
Had a lot of fun and I'm starting to love my life more n more HAHA
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