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Hi dear readers..
I need more time, 24 hours is so not enough for me :(
I din really sleep nowadays :O I need to go gym more often... I'm fat. SERIOUSLY. now I would like to brief about what had I been doing recently :D * a few interesting ones *

1. I shall start from my Youth Jam Event at Sunway Pyramid which was held on last Sunday. FYI, I was the organizing chair person for that event so I was somehow, STRESSed. It was also kinda hot there.. I participated in the activities at the other booth n I spend lesser time at my own booth..haha wtf. 
I have fun though ^^ Met lots of new friends and learn new stuffs. I designed the booth and I was quite happy that many ppl likes it ! YAY

2. MAROON 5 concert !!
I went to Maroon 5 concert at Stadium Shah Alam ! WOHOO... I never realised that Adam Levine was HOTT O.O He has a very sexy voice. ok I melted LOL. His current n ex gf are all Victoria Secret's model.. omg.. Anyway, I really enjoy at the concert but the sad thing is..I am just a fan, it's better if I'm his friend ! HAHAHA

3. Birthday Celebration
I DON'T KNOW WHY !!! So many ppl having their bday in this month. I'm getting broke by spending money on gifts :O 
Two of my friends celebrating their bday at the same place, NAMOO ON THE PARK @ PUBLIKA
Publika has bcm my new fav mall bcs I really like the environment there, so classy n artistic :)
I would like to recommend this restaurant to all of you. It is a Korean restaurant which served desserts too !

4. H&M opening in Malaysia
H&M is having their first branch outlet in Malaysia. It is located @ Lot10 .. It was crazy, I queued up around half an hour to get into it and I QUEUED UP ONE AN HOUR TO GET INTO THE FITTING ROOM !!! :O *power of women*
But I really like the clothes there, the main point is, the clothes are not pricey ! You guys shall pay a visit to H&M if u haven't been there before. I've actually went to the Singapore and Hong Kong's H&M branch. I think Malaysia's outlet was not bad tho ^^

 Look at the crowd ! All gone wild :D
 So near yet so far to the stage... HMM
 The lighting system at the concert was so cool.I like the way they designed it !
 Let's rock the partayyyhhh !!!
 All of us enjoyed !! 

 I designed the booth. Do you like it? :)
BTW, we r giving out FREE CONDOMS on that day HAHAA~Sponsored by Durex. Thanks ^^
all the gadgets like camcorder, cameras..etc are all sponsored by Sony. I wanna have this camera but UNFORTUNATELY I did not win the blogging contest. It was my high school teacher who won it O.o anyway, congrats to him ! :)

 NAMOO ON THE PARK ! Cute right their mascot !
 Special Menu ^^
 The food there was pretty awesome. U should try it yourself ^^ Price is reasonable too
 Although it is a Korean restaurant, the food was presented in a Western-ish way :D
 I always order this Kimchi Beef soup. I like the way they serve it with purple rice, it's healthy ! I recommend this to u guys !! :)
 This is DA BOMB !! Sweet potato cake. It is served with ice cream ! :)
 Deidre's Birthday
outside Namoo ! 
 Deidre is the first gal who's holding the cam ^^
 We also celebrated Julia's bday there
 Happy bday Julia :3
Try NAMOO !!

 H&M @ Lot10 !!
 OMG look at the queue O.o
 waiting FOREVER to get into H&M
I bought this top at last !! TEEHEE love it :D
 *bought this Aztec top frm Forever21 the day before :P*

I'll end my post here ! HAVE A NICE DAY GUYS !

stalk me :P

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