I'll talk about FOOD !! =)

8:23 PM

Hello once again~~HOLIDAY starts already!! WOHOO~
Weather is so hot recently...drink more water ya..
I hv a habit to drink soya bean milk n fresh milk..
hehe =)
Oh well..I'll blog abt food tat I ate few days ago on tis post

I found out a new cafe open at jln song
it's located behind oneJaya mall..
Vj cafe

I like the wheatgrass C here..n it's so cheap!
it's below Rm2 (I 4gt the actual price)
This fried rice is yummy too! I blurrify the pic cos I 4gt to take d pic b4 I eat

haha xD

*commercial break* hahaNext Station!!

Novusss againnnn =) @Brighton Square

This is call "buo ba nai cha"-RM 3.90

it's a must for me whenever I come

tis is minced meat n mushroom noodles-RM7.90

Lamb rice cook with herbs-RM7.90 *AWESOME!*

Tis is my dish..steamboat lamb in milk-RM8.90(I love tissss !!!)
Novus gives out 10% discount for every student who visits thr

n thr's a time session between 11/12-3pm,u can have ur rice refilled!


Kensaku Japanese restaurant

they r having promo everyday frm 11am-3pm

set meal for only RM8.90 !! it comes with a refreshing lemon green tea =)

This is salmon egg rice..

yea! it's SALMON!!
The interior of tis restaurant is very clean n nice

ytd..I went for rebonding on my fringe at

Ray's saloon @Brighton square

Soft rebonding..I love my new hair ! =P


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