What to do on Mother's day? (ft. giveaway @Musebyjanice)

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Hello! Mother's day is just around the corner. FYI it's on 14th of May (Sunday) 2017.

So I'm gonna write a few ideas on how you can show love to your mother on this special day.

1. Make her a card

This might sound boring and childish but this is actually enough to cheer your mum up. The price tag on your gifts doesn't define your love towards your mum. They don't want us to be burden too. As long as you got the heart to show appreciation, they'll feel it. 
This is definitely what I'll write because I always quarrel with my mum HAHAHA but I don't hate her. and tbh I kinda miss quarreling with her LOL

2. Buy her flowers

Who doesn't like flowers? ok some might say that flowers gonna wilt fast...but there's preserved flowers in the market now!! You can even buy potted plants tho :P Mums gonna love that.

 3. Do house chores for her

It's good if you're constantly helping her out tho but if you're commonly a lazy ass kid, get off your lazy bum bum and help her out la! (not only on this day k) but she'll feel extra special if you do this out of the blue.

 4. Bring her out on a spa retreat/shopping day

Being a mum is a 24 hour job and they barely have any rest day. Just ask her to put her hands off those heavy chores and bring her out for a relaxation day. Our mother is aging day by day. Treat them well please! We're gonna go through this phase too in future. So you should treat your mum like how you wanna be treated in future k!

5. Cook her a meal

You can wake up extra early to prepare something nice for her but make sure you don't burn down your kitchen HAHA if you really suck at this, just bring her out for dinner. Not necessary a fancy one, but spare your time out for her :)

6. Win something for her

If you're on a tight budget/broke af but you still wanna buy something for her (I know how you feel guys! you're definitely not alone) WIN A KAILIJUMEI LIPSTICK for your mum @Musebyjanice!! Just head on to that ig acc and repost that photo and tell us what you love about your mum, Follow us and hashtag #musebyjanicegiveaway #kailijumeimalaysia and the winner will be announced on the 10th of May 2017!!

Anyways, no matter what you do, remember that "You must always love your mum". You wouldn't be what you are right now without her. IF (unfortunately) you don't have one/your mum is not around, (HUGS) don't be sad! You can visit to the old folks home and show some love to them too! 


Have a nice day,

(I miss mummy)


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