Regrets in life

12:48 AM

If you ask me what's my biggest regret in life, I wouldn't know which to pick among all.

It might be,
Hurting the people I shouldn't had...
Saying the stuffs I supposed not...
Not doing the task that I should have perform
or not treasuring the people I should have did before they're gone.

There's many of regrets in our life, The fact is we are human. We all made mistakes. But it is either you are willing to change it to be better or you wanna make it worst. Sometimes life can be tough. It might not goes the same as the way you wanted it to be. I might not be as easy as what you expected but the beauty of life is we learned another thing after each and every hardship we survived. People who meant to stay WILL stay. No matter how fucked up you are, they'll never leave because they understand you. They know what the real you will do and the situations you're facing. Forgive and forget. Don't regret, if you've tried hard in life. This might be another start for more amazing things. Stay happy.


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