Guangzhou Part 2

9:26 PM

Hello everyone. 
So did you read my Part 1 blogpost in Guangzhou? If not, here you go : Guangzhou Part 1

So today I'm gonna talk about few things/spots that I've never tried/been to on my previous visits in Guangzhou.

Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family (Chen Clan Ancestral Hall) 陈家祠

So if your surname happens to be 'Chen', you should probably visit this place and you might find out who your ancestors are. This is where they used to study at and I really think that our study place should look like this too! haha. So much feels...So therapeutic...
The most impressive thing that attracted me is their good sense towards art. Their pottery, wood carvings, brick carvings..oh my! Can I just stay in there? There's an area where they display the glassware that they used in ancient times, I am so disappointed now when I realized that I never took any pic of it :( So detailed, you can't even find it nowadays because I think that people now go for minimal design because we are lazier HAHA

I don't know how to express my nostalgic feeling when I saw oriental style stuffs. So does past life really exists? If yes, I'm probably either the princess or the servant who used to work in the palace LOL


Best area for youngsters eh! You got everything you need there. So much better than Malaysia la. I think people who look down on China people are stupid. Their technology is way better than Malaysia k. You'll feel like you're living under the well after you travel more to other countries.

Stole a pic from google to show you how impressive the architecture of this building is!
Image result for 广州天环广场

The one thing bad about China people is most of them are uncivilized. Maybe that's the way that they've been brought up but I believe it'll get better in time as the citizens in our generation would be more educated. hopefully.

They even have a Tesla showroom already and they have a super big apple store right there too. Can't even find it in Malaysia tho. How sad.

I found this line store there too!! Everything is superrrr cute! But it's too crowded. Can't even get a seat and guys are not a fan of these cute stuffs too so we just skip this. Sooo sad :(

Random photo of bae :) HELLOOOOOO

Yi Dian Dian cheese foam tea. Super long queue to get this drink tho, even if it's raining it also won't stop them from queuing tho! Just after we got our drinks, rain started pouring but they didn't give up. Surprisingly just after I came back, tons of cheese tea foam drinks started invading KL. 

There's another famous one called Hey Tea but I didn't get to try it :'(

泰芒了 mango drink. I think this is originated from Thailand and also saw someone selling this in Kuching already. Wow guys...very fast sia hahaha 

Lai Hui Cafe  来回咖啡 (Tianhe area)

Found my second favourite coffee after Monmouth coffee from UK. They uses one of the most expensive coffee machine in the world to make their coffee : Elektra Belle Epoque. I'm glad that I've seen it before.

The cafe is packed. Coffee person will definitely love this place and the average price for a cup of coffee cost about RMB20. Absolutely reasonable.

Oh I forgot the name of this restaurant. We went to try their pork bone pepper steamboat. Not bad but my favourite one would still be those hotpot as I LIKE IT HOT :P

Favourite dish in that restaurant. Super hot yam glazed with caramelized brown sugar and gotta dip it in ice before putting them in your mouth so you'll get that crispy on the outside, yet soft and warm inside texture! Mouthgasm guys. 

Ok done with my Guangzhou post and I hope I'll save up enough for another trip soon! 
OH YA btw, my event business is back!! Please feel free to DM me if you wanna hire me for your event. Thank you :)


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