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Hello readers, today I am gonna share an amazing service with you guys which I've found lately!

During my uni days, my aircond has been giving me lots of troubles such as water leakage, aircond not cold enough etc and I don't even know who to get help from. Those contact number by the roadside I don't even bother to call as I am not sure whether it is safe or not. I am soooo sad that such service doesn't exist at that time! Students nowadays are really lucky NMJHL!

Acontech's service is reliable because there is:

  • A 30 days satisfaction guarantee
  • Less than 2% call back for warranty issue
  • No payment charged before service is done
  • No extra or hidden charges
  • No booking fees or advance payment
  • No miss out on customer appointment

Okay now, let me bring you and browse through the website. A clean and easy navigate homepage,

First, select your problem of your aircond.  Here's a few options that you can choose from. If you are unsure about the problem, select "checking/troubleshoot" will do :)

 I am pretty sure that Acontech's service is safe to use. Their reviews are pretty good. 

So now I selected the "Aircond not cool" option and guess what! It's only RM100 to fix it. I've heard one of my friend got conned RM 300+ for servicing their aircond in the apartment and I think Acontech's price is pretty reasonable and you don't need to be afraid to ask them to come over as the price is already shown beforehand.

Next, choose a time slot that you'll be available at home. Book earlier for weekends in case it is fully occupied.
 Lastly, enter your details and just wait till they arrive and fix your aircond for you! So easy right?

Acontech service is available in Klang Valley, Johor & Penang now! Visit their website at and try them out. It is not only important to fix your aircond when it is spoiled, we should keep it well maintained so that it can have a longer life span :)

Hope this is helpful for you all,


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