My first baking class

8:58 PM

Hello everyone! So I've won my first ever baking class last Saturday. Yes, WON. Lucky me :)
I've always wanted to enroll to some baking class as it is my current favourite hobby! (wanna train to be a good baker so I could feed my future husband and kids with yummy treats hahaha)

Thanks to  myflavorfood  check them out if you're looking for good quality food colourings as there is a vast array of colours from them, all the cookies made you saw in this post are all done with their colourings ( & mycookiestory  check them out if you wanna order custom cookies for your events or as a gift ( for this opportunity! It definitely boosted my passion towards baking.

The class was held in JayaOne, PJ (Edible Art & Craft Studio By Janice) Many of my friends DM me thought tha I'm running a studio now HAHA but it's just pure coincidence that I have the same name with the owner la :P I wish that studio is mine too :') 

If you are interested in those classes you can check their insta page (I've linked it) as they are having different baking classes every week. 
(Need more fund to join all those classes omgggg! sponsors me pleaseee and I'll bake for you hahahaha)

My end products! Omg so proud of myself k! I remembered I've tried to make royal icing cookies once before this and it kinda failed but after attending this class I've finally made it! YAY

Really enjoyed my weekend here! Hopefully I'll have the chance to be back again. 


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