Hello Readers.

11:06 PM

Just an update. I'm still alive. Gotta stay down for awhile as I am already working now. Will be more updates on my insta; @janicekongg .Yeah I'm no longer janicekbaby HAHA 

Oh well. I barely have to update my blog. I miss uni life A LOTTTT! It is only less than one year away but I already feel it! Those carefree life, able to attend events anytime, cafe hopping any day, skip class any how I want (oopss don't learn this pls)  Every single day, the first thing that crossover my mind would be :"Can I skip work today? PFFT" not even kidding lol. 

Being hired for almost 5 months but I am still pretty lost atm. Do you guys work for money? passion? or??? Am I too greedy if I am longing for a well paid fun job? :P nobody doesn't want that right.

I hope you all are doing fine. Do leave a comment if you're still reading my blog and please give me some ideas what to blog about. I used to be so passionate about all these. Am I getting old? My basic daily activities/schedule is literally just WORK. SLEEP. EAT. repeat. Drop me an email for events beside working hours k. See you guys again soon.

Signing off,

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