Someday I'll die.

8:39 PM

Hello 2017.

This is my first post in 2017! It is gonna be an emotional one tho. Have you guys ever thought of this... No matter how great your life is right now, we'll eventually die someday. Why. Why do we need to die. I cannot imagine this, It sadden me up every time when I thought of this. I really don't wanna die someday. I don't want anyone around me right now to disappear! How should I accept this fact. We all tried so hard to achieve the things we want but we will not own them eternally. 

I'll try to digest this. So I'll have to keep on reminding myself, I only live once. It better be a good one. Do you guys believe in reborn? I don't even bother to think about that because even if it is real, I can't even remember shit about my past life, so I am just wondering...where will all these memories I'm having now be at after I die? These feelings I have right now...will be gone someday NOOOO!!!! But I definitely know that I don't wanna leave this world with regrets. Do the things that make you feel good, treasure the people around you. Let off the grudge you're holding on towards someone. One day they'll be gone. You too. These bad feelings you're having right now will become nothing someday yet you're making yourself feel bad everyday by holding onto it while you can use the space of this emotion to make yourself feel good instead. When you're being mean to people, do you really feel happy inside? When you're arguing with someone, do you meant to start it? Do you ever feel like apologizing but your ego told you not to? Do you ever feel like helping someone but you don't know where you should start from? Do you ever wish that you could turn back the time so that certain things would turn out the way you want?

The fact is instead quite cruel, Time is always ticking. It'll not wait for us. We grew older each and everyday. Every decision you made is crucial. No one could turn back time. Sometimes we say that 'ignorance is bliss' but not everything will be solved if we chose to be ignore everything we should face. Try to fix it if you could. By action or by words, It doesn't matter. As long as you try, The biggest regret would be not able to try when you have the chance. Don't see failure as the end of your life, Each failure taught us something.

This post is also an advise for myself. I hope someday when I read back, I'll feel happy about myself. I'll feel motivated, I'll feel positive. 

Have an awesome 2017 :)

Till then,

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