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10:16 PM

After since social media invaded our lives, our lifestyle changes. I miss the old us. The moment where we actually treasure more about happenings around us. The time when we get genuine updates from friends by meeting up for a talk instead of social media postings. The time when we careless about how people think about us. The time where we only get things we like instead of influenced by others. The time we think that we are good enough. 

The real thing that matters is actually how are you behind your social media. Oh yes you might have 1k, 2k, or even 10k,100k friends or followers on your social media platform but how many of them do you actually know? Do you treat your friends genuine enough to make them stay around you? Are you too drawn off by the superficial stuffs you see online? Does "likes" and "___ just followed you" excites you more than anything else? Don't get me wrong, I respect people who are being who they are. I used to get excited when people liked my stuffs too. I used to be "proud" and feel like my self esteem boosted when my followers increased too. But as I grew older...they don't really matter anymore. 

Lately, I do get sick of it. I just feel like zoning out from everything. I get too addicted to Instagram, FB, etc I can't stop scrolling on them, refreshing them, even at work. I think this is super bad. It doesn't bring any benefit to me by giving or receiving likes from people. I don't get paid for each likes or followers gained tho but why I can't stop. I am sick. Can someone tell me how should I get rid of this bad habit? I can't completely stop it tho as part of my income are generated from it too. HOW.

I saw people who choose the level of "friendliness" on you based on the number of "followers" you have online. Like seriously?

Anyways, there's still tons of benefit brought by social media. What I can say here is, use it appropriately. Don't be too drawn off by the things you saw online. People choose what they post. They only show what they want you to see. We are no longer young. I think social media is a great way to keep us updated on our long lost friends tho. It is also a good platform to learn new things, spread good influence etc. Keep in mind, know your boundaries. What you do on your social media also represents who you are, we cannot really know who you really are but at least we can tell how's your personality by looking at they way you write. Respect other's private life too and don't go overboard. I did lots of shitty stuffs before tho. I can't feel regret about it because if they didn't happen before, I won't be how I am right now. 

They said people change, I think a better word for it is 'improve'. We change because the old way didn't work, we change because we wanna be better. (unless you want a downgrade?) I hope we all improve as we grow older. Thanks for reading,


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