Guangzhou Part 1

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Hello everyone! I am gonna reveal the reasons of why am I gaining weight recently. #shittt You'll know why. So few weeks ago I went to Guangzhou, China. All I do is EAT. Even though our currency is dropping, food there is still cheap. GOTTA EAT EM' ALL! 

Apparently it's my 4th time in Guangzhou but the last time I previously went was during 2015 so many things changed, I was too focus on Instastory and I didn't really took lots of photos. Too bad if you missed it :p but you can always see my daily happenings on my ig @janicekongg I update my stories quite often till I kinda ditched Snapchat already.

Went there with my bf and his friends. We stayed at 7 days inn (jianshe dama lu) You can google it but in real life it is better than what I expected tho. I recommend you all to stay here as this area is quite safe. Few mins walk to Aeon and railway station is a lil bit far but the weather makes it nice to take a walk. I was told that this is a new area so it won't be as dodgy as those that we normally imagine of. The pic above is taken outside the hotel and yes there's this cafe named 'Mora coffee' in the lobby of the hotel.

Like what I said, I'm gonna recommend you all about the fooddddd in Guangzhou.

The first place we went to had lunch is at Guangzhou Restaurant (near Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street)
Address: 2 Wenchang S Rd, ShangXiaJiu, Liwan Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510140

I've already did my research before I came and I've decided to try it because the review online is good. It was a good experience indeed as I LOVEEE the setting of this restaurant.

Super big restaurant and you'll feel like a tai tai while you dine in here. The food are quite good but nothing really special as we have lots of nice dimsum in Malaysia too. Since you're here, why not right?  Just EAT!

Then we went to walk around in Shangxiajiu Pedestrian street. Surprisingly, I didn't even shop for clothes, YAS, 

 And for dinner we went to this super awesome Ye Mei hotpot restaurant in Beijing Lu. I swear it can be compared with Haidilao and it is so much cheaper! MUST EAT. Believe or not we took soooo much stuffs and we paid around 30++ yuen per person (divide among 6 pax). whuttttt. I NEED THIS AGAIN.

You can find a lot of random handmade dumpling shop in China but I love this opposite OneLink Centre. I ate twice there during this trip HAHA. 

My bf who hates beer suddenly turned into an alcoholic in China tho. He said it won't make him feel uncomfortable and it makes him feel warm lol. GOOD NEWS ALCOHOLICS! Most of the beer are less than 6 yuan. whutttt. Like RM3+ at average. Drink all you can!

A meal like this is onlt around 50 yuen. Portion is super big too!

HuangSha seafood wholesale market.
Just call a cab and tell them you wanna go there. Remember there's only one thing you need to do when you're there. BARGAIN! When they're fierce, you need to be fiercer! For the sake of having good and cheap seafood. Just do it HAHA always rmb "nobody knows you, just do it" then you'll eventually grow some balls hahaha

All the yum yum in my tum tum!

and the pic below is damn gross! Don't know what seafood is this but YUCKS! Who'll even eat this omg.

and now let's take a few min rest from all those food before we proceed to the last restaurant I'm gonna recommend :)

Shamian Island.
Stole some pic online to show you how pretty this place is. You'll get a very relaxing feeling while you're strolling in this park. 

 Great spot for photoshooting! We saw many newlyweds around here taking their bridal shoot. 

Last restaurant I'm gonna review in this post.
Dim Dou Tak 點都德 restaurant. 
Address: 470 Hui Fu Dong Lu  惠福东路470号
(stole this pic online) but the crowd is always like that! Thank God for Sharon's brother, we got a room right before we reached! If not I couldn't imagine how long we have to wait,

 Their signature. I would say that is a MUST TRY dim sum there as I don't think you can find something like that in Malaysia. It tastes like KFC fried chicken tho. And the red coloured thing wrapping it is actually made of sticky glutinous paste. So it is sticky outside and crispy inside. YUM

 Durian puff!!!

So now you see why I am gaining weight now?

Tempted to fly to China now?

YES JUST DO IT! Now everyone can fly... Why not? :P (I hope you're not reading this in midnight hehe)

Signing off,

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  1. Love the buildings in your picture. Hope to visit there one day :)

    1. Hello Jessica, Yes you should definitely go someday :)


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