A day in Shanghai !

9:00 AM

Yo! Hello from Janicekbaby & LuYourHighness :)
Finally met after so long. Updates going on every random moment of our outing. PFFTTT too private I cannot share here HAHA
Today I'm gonna blog about our trip to Shanghai!!
Shanghai day trip yo. WHATTTT? You don't believe me?! You must trust me lahh I teach you how~
Okay so before our trip, we went to Caffe bene @ Sunway Pyramid. Caffe bene is originated from Korea! I've never go to the original ones in Korea :( Anyone went before? I should have visited it during my last visit to Korea.
So YUMS..this is my second visit already :) I still love the waffle lahhh
Lucas with his matcha bingsu tower. With lots of nuts!
Their gelato is the best!!! Taste very pure :)
Then off we go to SHANGHAI !
So excited :D

and OH YEAH we're in Shanghai! OK I lied. Grand Shanghai is a food street in Setiawalk. It's located in the 4th floor at Setiawalk mall.
It's a food street but we didn't even bother to eat. We took photos till all the shop closed wtf. 
But you seriously need to visit this place. OMG I'm in love with this place :D
MACAM YES lah..so got feel lo! So we decided to do some photoshoots here. Don't judge kay.. I believe that you'll do the same thing if you're here! HAHA

Spammm alert!

poser. Fake phone call -.-

Macam yes? We both enjoyed this place so much. We took photos until we sweat. EWW hahaha

and moreee picsss...

superstar wannabe!
My first time sitting on a trishaw. OMG I'm so scared. (I'm scared that the trishaw might break apart :'D )

Must visit this place ohhh. Really nice. but don't ruin it k. Malaysians always like to dirty some new place with rubbish etc...I hope this won't happen here. I'll come back soon :)
Feeling hungry after we left...
Then we went for supper around 11pm. fat die me D: Mr.Dak Galbi @ Setiawalk.
I'm always a fan of Korean food lah. We ordered beef fried rice and the specialty chicken dak galbi. Nice nice *thumbs up* I miss Korea even more now :(
Aiyooo leave me alone & #letmetakeaselfie !
Happily enjoying our food !
Very fun & fat day with LuYourHighness (Lucas) HAHAHA and now I have to burn all of em' !

#ootd of the day. The theme of the day is GREY. *set by Lucas* 
So I just dressed like that because this is my only grey shirt. I met someone who wore the same top as mine on the same day fml. Everytime I wear this shirt confirm got people wear same de leh WHY AHHH :(

My simple ootd
Top: H&M
Skater skirt: Topshop
Heels: Voir
Bag: Cotton On 

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :)

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