Throwback Sunday: #NeoGalHE party by Nuffnang & Herbal Essences

11:42 AM

 Hello peeps :)
This is an overdue throwback post which I'm gonna blog today regarding the NeoGalHE party that I attended last Sunday @Signature, The Roof.
My Second time there. The first time was during the sunsilk hair play party remember? :)
BTW Thanks to Herbal Essences & Nuffnang for organizing this party.
 My #ootd should dress more casually lah..
They gave us goodie bags filled with magazines upon our arrival.
 and the first thing that greeted me while I went in was... CANDY BAR!!
 SNACK ON! who can resists these you tell me?

there was also a nail bar which provides free manicure for all the girls!! But I did not do my nails :( the queue was too long by the time I wanted to :'(
 Spot Cheesie (a.k.a Cheeserland) at the cupcake making bar!
Airbrush tattoo bar.
 This is the first stop that I stopped by. OH YA BTW, thank you Carmen for being my event mate of the day :)
 Say HELLO to this pretty girl CARMEN a.k.a Leeky :D

 Went to the rooftop to take pictures flashing off our tattoos. FEELING COOL YO *macam real tattoo meh~ I felt more GANAS with tattoos on HAHAHA*
Then we headed inside to enjoy a singing performance by Charice Ow! Taylorian go go !
 and yes she's awesome. A sweet girl too.
Skyward (themingthing, mingasaur and...another one of their member? *sorry I forgot his name :/)
So the pictures below are just selfies with the bloggers/youtubers who I met.
 Audrey a.k.a fourfeetnine. Cutest mother who also gave birth to a super duper cute baby #fightertiah !
That's fighterrrrr OMGGGG SO CUTE I KENOTTT
 look at tiny like fishball!
ZOOM IN PIC OF HIM (sorry I not as cute as him)
Charice :)
 TheMingThing :)
 My fav blogger la. Jane :)
 Nana :)
Cheesie :)
 The theme of this event is actually Rose & Lavender because the new scent of shampoo lauched are of this two fragant.
 FOOD IS FINALLY SERVED HAHA. Carmen and I were actually starving and deciding where to eat later but then I think they heard us so the proclaimed :"FOOD TIME!" when we were about to faint HAHAHA no la joking only
 Then my inner greedy aunty soul sort of persuaded me to do another tattoo since it's's my lavender tattoo on my hand LOL

 AND I finally listened to DJ Jane chuck spinning :)

 Selfies of the day :)
The event ended around 6 something so Carmen & I started to feel hungry again (because just now paiseh eat too much ma HAHA)
Therefore, I introduced her to Kompassion! I ever sweared that I would come back again right? So HERE I AM !!
 My Angel Hair with green curry seafood - BOOMZZZ Best thing ever
 Carmen's tomyum soup :)
RED RUBY AGAIN. will never get sick of this. too good.

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