Juice D' Fruitz @ Setia Walk, Puchong

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Hi readers !!
Are you eating or drinking healthily everyday? I know people nowadays are quite lazy to squeeze your own fresh juice right? Some more we cannot ensure the taste of fruits that we combine will turn out good :P 
Therefore...I have something awesome to introduce to you guys !
Juice D' Fruitz !!! @Setia Walk, Puchong

What's is it and what's special about it?!

The first juice bar in Malaysia that brings you the idea of Cold Pressing Fruits and Veggies. They focus on bringing out the benefits of Cold Press Juices to EVERYONE including you because they want YOU to drink a LIVING Juice!

Why cold pressed juice??

The benefits of cold-pressing your juices

Cold Press Juicers don’t employ chopping blades, heat inducing spinning motions or strainers.  Cold Press Juicers are designed to extract all the juice from the fruit or veggie by a slow speed masticating process. The slow non-heat producing extraction keeps all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber in their core form – right from the vegetable or fruit - and delivers them directly into your system with each glass of juice. Your juice tastes better; fresher, purer and more like the items you are juicing. 

It is located at Setia Walk, Puchong. (opposite Room mate *i thk*)
It's actually not difficult to look for it ! look for the catchy signboard of it ! then you'll find it ! YAY
 This is how the shop looks like ! Clean n fresh ! Do pay a visit ! the juice is really good. I am kinda amazed ^^
I'll show you some pics to let you guys see how satisfied my friends were ! LOL
I think at that time they gave us 20% discount because they are having their opening promotion ! HAPPY !

Tadah ! They provides different kind of fruit juices, very wide range ! for skin care,diet...etc. EVEN FOR PREGNANT WOMEN ! yes...I was impressed by their wonderful yet sweet idea :)
Never try never know !!
Wanna have better deal?? THIS SUNDAY ! 4th November 2012! You shall not miss it !!! they are having...

Drinks promotion: Buy ONE Super Combo free ONE Single Juice

Lion Dance Session: In between 2pm to 3pm (Sunday)
Opening Hour: 10am to 10pm

For more updates n info, LIKE them at Facebook :)

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