What's your favourite print?? :)

9:30 AM

Hi readers :)
So the topic of my blogpost is "WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE PRINT?" :)
There's quite a few prints which are in trend lately...
So I'll tell you 3 prints tat I personally love...

#1 Aztec print

You can find them easily at Topman, Topshop or F21 nowadays. Those tribal-ish pattern...OOHHH..just too cute :3 
I'm also wearing an Aztec print top in the pic above ..I just can't...

Denim + Aztec = Mad Love :3
AWW ~ they look gorgeous on nails too ! :O

#2 Galaxy print 

Galaxy print is kinda like the latest trend in year 2012
The colour just blend in perfectly...I think it looks good on everything...Phone casings, clothes, bags...etc
 skirt with galaxy print !! :O

So cool ! If I'm slim, I definitely will wear this hot pants..OH MYYY !
Galaxy nails !! I wanna paint it on my nails...SOON ! Real soon ! :D

#3 Floral print 

( I will never get sick of it)
 I love those country-ish floral print HEHE
nice right? makes you look girly too ^^

 Chuckei is always my fashion icon ! love her top ! From Brands outlet..but I can never find it anymore :/

OMG Floral nail art !! cuteness overload ! ME WANT :D

What's your favourite print??? :)

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