Christmas is around the corner !! :)

10:22 AM

Okay I know it's kinda early for a Christmas post..
But I just can't wait for it !!! I went to Pavillion last Sunday with my friends and I was so excited once I looked at those Christmas decoration !! So beautiful ! AWW..
Tell u one secret ...One thing I love about Christmas :  Presents !  

 But we cannot forget that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Dear God please forgive me ya... I'll always love you :3
I really love to go Pavillion during special celebrations because the decorations there always impressed me ! They really put a lot of effort n MONEY in decorating the mall xD 
 SEE ! Nice right ! This means that.... it's camwhore time !! HAHAHA
Who on earth will not take picture when u see this kind of decorations?

So I went out with my dear fashionable friends..Let me introduce them to you :
 the youngest boy among all of us ! Guess how old he is ?!
15 only okayyy !!! *wth I feel so old*
He spend his holidays in KL so we finally got the chance to hang out :P

 Xiao Keong,
know him thru Chiang, a friendly KL boy HAHA

A future designer that will make Kuching proud ! WOHOO xD
He went all the way from SG to KL so we MUST MEET UP :P
Picture for the boysss ! ootd HAHA

 Don't you feel happy when you look at those shiny dangling deco on the tree? :D

We also went Sg. Wang to look for Ronsee !!!
We gave him a surprise as he was kinda sad because he had to work.. TADAH
 I love his beanie with eyes..cutee ! :D
 Then we went for this thing called PURIKURA ! I just knew the name of this thingy from Cheesie's blog !
My first try..kayy I know I'm out of date..sorry lohh
But it seriously made our eyes damn big lah LIKE ALIEN
U know eyes originally oso quite big already *buey paiseh* it's kinda scary after the effect.. O.O
super cute n fun to play with it ! 

 The lighting in the photo booth was just too good..I cannot resist for not taking any yeahhh
NON-EDIT pics okay !!! LOL unbelievable ! 
 IDK wad am I doing but I think this photo is cute :P

My favourite photo of the month HAHA
I shud just go inside a photo booth n selca next time ! OMG 

With Love,

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